December 14, 2007

Samaris is pure candela

By Pablo Jaime Sáinz

Even before you listen to the new Samaris Cassno album you can tell that this Puerto Rican singer has candela (or heat).

The picture on the cover of her third album, titled Samaris, shows that Caribbean sensuality that she portrays, that exotic sensuality full of Boricua flavor.

But even though many singers just have the pretty body and face, Samaris doesn’t stop there: She goes further with her music.

She doesn’t disappoint, to tell you the truth.

“I like to sing, to write songs, to dance and to act”, Samaris said.

The album has 12 songs, all in Spanish, where the 20 something year old Puerto Rican uses that spark that characterizes the Isla del Encanto to give a larger view of the variety of music that exists in the Caribbean.

It includes bachata, reggetton, ballads, pop and hip-hop.

“It’s a very, very interesting album that I know everybody will like,” Samaris said in an interview on her website.

The first single, Mucho con demasiao, it’s a bomb full of rhythm and of energy. You feel the urge to get on your feet and start dancing when you feel all those sensations that she makes you feel with her voice and her fast-paced lyrics.

“Samaris is here!” can be heard at the beginning of the song, that tells the store of a “viejo verde,” what she calls a man who offers young women money in exchange for their love.

“It’s a funny song,” Samaris said. “I wrote it with a lot of love so that women can know that we have dignity and that we don’t need a man with a lot of money to be somebody.”

Samaris released this album independently, just like she did with her previous works.

“I went knocking on doors of all radio and television stations in my country,” she said about her first album, Samaris la gitana. “The album sold really well for an independent.”

For those who don’t know this Puerto Rican singer, they can visit

“Samaris is a girl with many dreams, many goals,” she said about herself.

She began her career at the age of five, modeling for several stores and local chains.

She has acted in Sabado Gigante, telenovelas, and English-language films.

She has written songs since she was 8. She also wrote a book, Historias de la gitana, that had success in her country. She has written for several newspapers and magazines in Puerto Rico.

Samaris has also participated in ads for Verizon, Avon, Heinz, and other companies.

She’s currently promoting her album in the United States.

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