December 7, 2007

Hola Amigos: Esto Indio tiene mucho problems, qué lástima!

Problema Número Uno: La Prensa has to move. Seems the new owners of the building don’t want us here, something about needing the whole building for their toys. It’s a big company in National City who which enjoys race cars and want’s to use the space for storage of said race cars, etc. ect., qué lástima!

Problema Número Dos: El Patrón de La Prensa tiene mucho problemas con his health. Just turned 80 and two days later was in the hospital with heart problems. All is good now, he is back at home. As they say: getting old is a bitch, qué lástima! El Patron wants to know if anybody out there wants to buy a newspaper??? If you do send to the offices of La Prensa.

Problema Numbero Tres: Este Indio having to do with out his internet/email, so for all you trying to email, sorry they are not coming through today, guess it is back to the smoke signals, at least that can’t go down, qué lástima!

The old smoke signal working and we heard that Lorena Gonzalez is in line to become the head of the local AFL-CIO after Jerry Butkiewicz leaves.

Qué pasó with the Gaylord Project? No smoke signals coming out on this front. This project is now under wraps and not a word about it. This flies in the face of an open government. Didn’t Mayor Cox promise an open government when she ran for office…. Wonder what kinda of deals are being cut behind those closed doors???

While the Gaylord Project is being kept under wraps the Union folks and the Independent Contractors are keeping busy. Lately they have been having dueling press conferences one for local jobs, the other for opposing union only contracting. This duel is only going to get intense in the future. Keep an eye on Sweetwater Union High School District the next battle ground for these two.

Recession, depression, no matter what you want to call the economy it is a mess, just ask those poor folks getting fired in the City of Chula Vista or at the Union Tribune. One hell of a Christmas present – a pink slip. That is not to mention all the homeowners who won’t be able to afford presents this year because they have pay the mortgage and those are the luck ones, many are losing their home. When does it all end????

Latest news coming out of the Pew Center says that Hispanics transition to English muy pronto. Here at La Prensa we knew this 32 years ago, that’s why we are bilingual.

Qué pasó con National City. Wasn’t it just last year the city council and Mayor Ron Morrison were proposing to charge the children a fee to shore up their budget, for lights to use the city parks so they can play baseball! Now they have extra money, a $150,000, for logos and slogans. Qué pasó con los “leaders” de National City, just another example of a lack of priorities and misspending of public monies.

Morrision ought to know that you can only fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.

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