August 31, 2007

Marti Emerald is set to announce her candidacy for San Diego council district 5, on Labor Day. This is not exactly news. What is news is that Lorena Gonzalez is being mentioned as her campaign manager. Hijole! Emerald, who has no Hispanic credentials what-so-ever, looks like she trying to shore up this glaring hole with Gonzalez at her side.

Lorena Gonzalez who is political director for the local Labor Council would have more impact on a variety of campaigns in her present role than being the token for the Emerald race (Gonzalez you’re better than this).

Speaking of tokens: the Hillary Clinton for President campaign called el jefe semana pasada and asked if he wanted to interview California’s Hispanic representative for the campaign, Dolores Huerta. Esto Indio about choked on his pipe. ¿Por qué? Huerta is a nice grandmother, but other than being a symbol of the UFW from years gone by, what has she done in the last 30 years?

Me thinks that the Clinton campaign, instead of rolling iconic symbols, they should connect with the present and future of the Hispanic community, somebody who truly represents this community. That is the problem with the Democratic Party, they would rather deal with symbols than include and empower the Hispanic community!!!

Mexican teachers are protesting today (Friday) for better wages and to get their point across they are blocking all the border crossings. Talk about pissing off a lot of people! Don’t know what this will do to move along the negotiations but it will draw a lot of attention and stop business on both sides of the border.

¿Qué pasó??? The press release said Latino Community Leader Appointed to 22nd DAA Board of Directors, (the Del Mar Fairgrounds) Ruben Barrales. Barrales who has been in San Diego less than a year picked for this plus board by the Governor. That’s fine but don’t call him a Latino leader, we don’t even think he knows where the Latino community is in San Diego. Barrales, a Republican, was appointed as president of the Chamber of Commerce last year. Come on, Scharzenegger, is Barrales really going to represent the Hispanic communities interest????

Guess the Governor Schwarzenegger doesn’t know any real Hispanic leaders in San Diego so he had to pick this carpetbagger. Barrales has crisscrossed the country going from job to job, serving the Republican Party.

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