August 3, 2007

LAMC: Latin Aternative Music Continues to Evolve

By James Klein

NEW YORK (KPRENSA) – The Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) took place in New York last week. LAMC presents the more adventurous side of Latin music, mostly rock and electronic music by latino artists. LAMC is the only conference directed specifically toward the marketing of alternative music in Spanish. Now in its eighth year, the conference showed that this genre of music continues to evolve.

This four day events provided numerous opportunities to meet the artists, music industry executives, journalists, managers, and important radio programmers of the genre. This year the Mexican group Cafe Tacvba also made its first appearance at LAMC. They shared the stage Pacha Massive of the United States. In addtion, the Mexican artists Zoe, Panda, and Pambo played concerts in New York, as well as Puerto Rican reggaeton star La Sista, Spanish artists Mala Rodriguez and The PinkerTones, and the hip hop group from Venezuela Cuarto Poder.

The “Indy” showcase of LAMC presented new musical talents that are emerging in the scene such as the bands based on the United States like Upgound and the B-Side Players and groups from Mexico like AustinTV, Bengala and Liquits.

Cafe Tacvba helped start a movement

Cafe Tacvba, with its mixture of ska, rock, hip-hop, and traditional latin american music, is one of the most popular bands in Latin America and helped to define the genre “Latin Alternative.” The group has enjoyed great success since 1992, putting out eight albums and sharing its exciting music with the public all over the North, South, and Central America. The four members of the band are Sizu Yantra (lead vocals and guitar), Emmanuel Del Real (keyboards, programming, vocals and guitar), Enrique Rangel (bass and vocals) and Joselo Rangel (vocals and guitar).

The achievements of the group include an MTV music award in 2005, a Grammy for the best latin rock album in 2003 and a Latin Grammy for the best rock album in 1999. Currently, Cafe Tacvba is working in the studio on a new CD that will go on sale in September of 2007.

Pacha Massive is the new wave

Pacha Massive, whose name comes from “Pachamama” that means mother earth, is the combination of Dominican guitarist, producer and songwriter Nova and Colombian songwriter and bassist Maya. The group represents the new wave of the Latin Alternative scene.

Pacha Massive began as a group in New York in 2005. The band landed an impressive first gig opening for the Colombian rock group Aterciopelados at Madison Square Garden. After winning the battle of the bands at LAMC in 2005 (the prior winners of this contest include Kinky and Los Abandoned who have gone on to stardom), the duo came to the attention of Nacional Records.

The band’s first album “All Good Things” came out in 2007. The first track “Don’t Let Go” was included in the soundtrack of the movie “La Mujer de mi Hermano” and is in regular rotation on many radio stations in the United States.

By showcasing new work from stars like Cafe Tacvba and new bands like Pacha Massive, this year’s LAMC demonstrated that the Latin Alternative music scene is more vibrant than ever.

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