April 27, 2007

Radio Bilingüe airs live reports from the rallies on May 1

On May 1st, the first anniversary of the largest Latino demonstrations in history, the Radio Bilingüe network will again provide an extended news coverage of the rallies taking place around the nation to protest massive deportation raids and urging immigration reform with a path to citizenship.

Línea Abierta, Radio Bil-ingüe’s national Spanish-language call-in talk show, will run an interactive four-hour edition to bring breaking news developments from around the nation. Beginning at 12 Noon Línea Abierta will air interviews with newsmakers, and reports from news correspondents, station-based contributors, and citizen reporters. This program will also provide analysis on immigration-reform bills pending in the U.S. Congress.

Radio Bilingüe’s special coverage will begin at 6 AM PDT with a dialogue between radio announcers and listeners who will be encouraged to call in to share testimonials, eyewitness reports, and opinions. Last year, nearly two million marched for immigration reform and listeners became Radio Bilingüe’s eyes and ears in the community and gave eyewitness reports on unfolding news events. This May 1st, listeners will again be encouraged to join in as “barefoot” reporters.

With twelve years on the air, Línea Abierta continues to be the first and only live network-distributed talk show on Spanish-language radio. Línea Abierta airs on 56 stations (34 in the U.S., 20 in Mexico and 2 in Puerto Rico) and it has continuously served audiences with engaging shows designed to address compelling issues that improve the lives of Latinos.

Radio Bilingüe also has a live audio service online at www.radiobilingue.org.

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