April 20, 2007

A bulletin was sent out stating that an announcement would be made at the Chicano Park Festival announcing the expected end of the boycott of the Centro Cultural de la Raza. Esto Indio piensa que ni modo. This boycott has dragged on so long that now that they are calling an end to it, it doesn’t seem to matter as much anymore. The bigger question will be... what now?

Speaking of the Chicano Park Day Celebration, it seems that the police have granted a permit to the minutemen to protest the celebration day. We wonder if the minuteman are being charged equally for police security. It is costing the Chicano Park Steering Committee something in the neighborhood of $7000. What portion of that bill will the minutmen be paying????

Campaign manager for Bob Filner, Frank Salazar, is back on the job, only this time working with Rick Gonzales of Imperial Valley as he runs for the 80th Assembly Seat. Bonnie Garica presently is termed out making this an open seat. Buena suerte!

Hijole: City of National City facing a financial crunch want to charge little leagues a fee for using city parks. Come on Mayor Morrision we supported you because we thought you would bring some common sense to the position. Este Indio has an idea, why don’t you recind the $22,000 bonus you gave to the city attorney and the 9%-5% incentive bonuses to top city managers totalling $108,000 and use that money to take care of the kids???

Bonuses are gifts from employer to employees. With a city in a financial crunch that had to pass a sales bond to make ends meet, do you really really need to be giving away $130,000 dollars of the National City residents tax money!!!!

City of Chula Vista finally has their man as new city manager, David Garica. Pero the big thing about this is that finally the City has a Hispanic in a top position with the city. It took 10 months to make the hire and only 96 years since incorporation to hire a Hispanic.

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