April 13, 2007

Republicans you gotta to love them: The Congressional Hispanic Caucus wanted to get a resolution passed recently that honored César E. Chávez, but those good old boys from Kentucky would have none of it. Republican Minority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky didn’t like the resolution unless the resolution stated that Chávez once led an anti-immigrant march. Come on guys, it is only a resolution and you are taking the intent of Chávez out of context.

Radio/TV guy Don Imus said something dumb on air and got fired for it Thursday. Imus barely registered with the West Coast, unless you woke up at 3 in the morning to catch his TV show. Other than that he was a nobody. Now he is a nobody without a job.

Term Limits proposal hits the streets this week seeking the required signatures. A move by the politicans to extend their stay in office. I don’t know, kinda like the fact that we get new people into office every now and then. This looks like a movida by Fabian Nuñez to extend his stay as Speaker of the House … it feels good to be on top!

Shouldn’t be surprised that Ken Burns with his documentary on WWII didn’t share the Hispanic experience. Read somewhere that he didn’t have much to say about Hispanics in his Jazz documentary and ignored Hispanics with his baseball documentary. Hmmm… seems there is a pattern here. Hispanics just don’t register with Burns at all. Puts a whole different perspective on his past works.

Rumor has it that Nick Inzunza, ex-mayor of National City, is building his dream home in Coronado. Big change from his humble abode in National City. Bigger question is where does a career politican, which was about all of 6 years, get enough money to move to Coronado???

Mayor of San Diego, Jerry Sanders, wants to balance the city’s budget by cutting jobs. Guess what gente, it is going to be the workers at the bottom of the pay scale who will lose their job. Life is tough enough and now it will get tougher.

Maybe those fired from San Diego should look for work in Chula Vista, hear they have a pretty good retirement plan, just ask Madigan, no longer working for the city but still receiving full salary until she reaches 5 years employment and then able to receive full retirement benefits, nice….

Grocers and their employees flirting with another work stoppage. Guess the big wigs didn’t learn their lesson with the last strike. This Indio who used to shop at the local Vons honored the picket line and discovered Costco. It is a little further but cheaper. Haven’t been back to Vons expect for those items Costco doesn’t carry.

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