September 29, 2006

Seems the Minutemen are calling for a boycott of Miller Brewing Company for Supporting “Illegal Aliens”. The press release doesn’t say how Miller supports them?? Anyway, I think I am going to do my part and support Miller Brewing by going to buy a 12 pack. Finally a cause I can get behind!

Looks like we help the 8th graders in Indiana learn Spanish! Got a note from a teacher friend that La Prensa is now a part of their regular reading list. They are reading us off our web site! Mejor que nada!

A lot of screaming and shouting went on last weekend in OTNC but not much else. Word we got was that the Minutemen kept trying to pick fights challenging the home boys to come over & fight. The home boys were smarter than that and kept their cool. Good thing Tezzy stayed away, all that right wing, racist rhetoric might have got his mestizo blood boiling….

Election Day is just about a month away and this election cycle is about as low-key as one can remember. Guess this must be the lull before the storm.

The powers to be have decided to come together and work on find a home for the Chargers. It kinda of worries me though when they all say lets move to the Southbay. Why don’t they say lets go North and put the stadium in lets say on all the property east if I-15 you know that area near Sierra Mesa that got burnt! It is close to major freeways and plenty of open space. Or how about a stadium near one of the casinos that would make for a good marriage, plenty of open space out there and the Indians have money to help with construction. Just a couple of ideas.

Saw where the UT endorsed Rudy Ramirez for Chula Vista City council. Guess it pays off that a UT editor goes to Crossroads II (big, big, supporters of Rudy’s) parties. Wonder if that same editor goes to Patty Chavez’ (running for the same seat) parties for equal access.

Little noted but the 4000 army reservist had their military duty extended. Hey I thought when you signed up it was for a set period of time. You sign up for 4 years, a year, whatever, but when that time is up, it is up and it is your choice to re-up, hence the term voluntary. Army says they are within their right to extend their stay. What happens if a solider says hell no? (They go to the Brig!)

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