September 29, 2006


Angelides Swimming Up Stream In Race for Governor

As an observer of the Democrat Phil Angelides’ race for Governor of California, it is akin to watching the annual trek that the great Alaska King Salmon takes as it battles up stream each year. It is a long laborious trip that leaves the Salmon bruised, battered, exhausted and after this treacherous trip with just enough energy to lay eggs and die. This in essence best describes the Angelides campaign.

The Angelides campaign, no matter what, can’t gain any traction in this race, has no substantive issues, and Governor Schwarzenegger continues to make weekly news that seems to appease even the Democrats. It has to be just killing the Angelides camp as they watch Democratic Speaker and the Democratic Mayor of Los Angeles cozy up the Governor for photo opts.

According to the latest Polls, Schwarzenegger has a 17 point lead on Angelides with a month to go. It doesn’t bode well for Angelides.

For the Hispanic community, Schwarzenegger has not been the best of friends during his first term as Governor. We don’t forget his tacit support of the Minutemen which only further emboldens this group in California, nor his call to “close the border.” We don’t forget his cavalier attitude toward Mexico as he virtually ignored his Southern neighbor by not meeting with the Governor; he left that to the Speaker of the House Fabian Nuñez. He closed the California trade and commerce office in Mexico City. And he has bragged about voting for Prop. 187, the anti-immigrant bill.

Schwarzenegger by trade is an actor and as such is adapt at slipping in and out of character, which he seems to do equally as well as Governor. In defeating Governor Davis in a special election, he presented himself as a unifier and change agent. Sounded good but it was soon after that Schwarzenegger dropped his unifier role and became a partisan right wing Governor as he tried to push through a myriad of mid-term bills that would have limited the Democratic Party and empower the Republican Party. All were soundly defeated and the Governor appeared vulnerable. His Poll numbers started dropping. It got so bad that Schwarzenegger even began contemplating not running for re-election. The Republican Party got nervous.

Schwarzenegger saw his way through and reassured the Party loyalist that indeed he would run but he had to change roles once again and become the bipartisan Governor. Guess you can say, “he’s back.”

This leaves only one nagging question, what role will he assume if ,or when, he is re-elected?

It is because we don’t know which Governor will show up after the elections, and because of his callous attitudes toward the Hispanic community and Mexico, we choose to swim up stream with Phil Angelides and support Angelides for Governor.

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