September 29, 2006

CD Reviews:
By By Francisco H. Ciriza

Los Abandoned
Mix Tape

21 Century rock! Taking everything from 80’s pop/rock to trendy loud guitars and electronic tidbits, this Los Angeles quartet cranks out fun, spunky, hits-to-be. Powered by the cute, if not sultry voice of Lady P (Pilar Diaz), ‘Mix Tape’ represents the latest development along the continuum of L.A. music featuring everything from Missing Persons spacey quirk to Van Halenesque testosterone-fueled rock. But perhaps more intriguing than the catchy yet tasteful music, is Lady P’s tactical delivery of Spanglish lyrics. Her gorgeous pronunciation of both idiomas is muy sexy and quite simply enthralling.

Los Tres
Hagalo Usted Mismo

Los Tres may well be Chile’s most important 80’s rockeros. After disappearing in the late 90’s, Los Tres resurfaced with 2001’s “Freno de Mano” and now with the help of Café Tacuba’s Emmanuel del Real and drummer Steve Jordan (Dylan, Stones, and Clapton) these veterans deliver the impressive “Hagalo Usted Mismo.” A smart combination of melodic pop and rock, it’s also no surprise the group includes traditional Chilean folk (guitarist Angel Parra’s familial roots run deep in Chile’s ‘Nuevo Canto’), along with its trademark happy rockabilly flair as on the disc’s first single, “Camino.”

Los Amigos Ivisibles
Superpop Venezuela
Welcome aboard

LAI’s Love Boat-themed cruise, exciting and new. Boogie night tunes are expecting you. If pachanga is life’s sweetest reward, Superpop Venezuela let’s it flow and float right back to you with songs that conjure up Farah Fawcett feather do’s and wide flairs. Making run’s at nightlife addicts since 1991, LAI’s latest effort also promises a little something for everyone, setting a course for adventures in a range of styles from searing disco inferno to funky brick-laden house and an undercurrent of South American rhythm-based tunes making this disc a wide-open smile on a friendly shore.

Bleach Astrology
Welcome to Hollywood

San Diego’s Jeff Forrest and partner Rick Saunders of Independence, Missouri have teamed up to bring listeners a rocking guitar-based sound topped with clever vocal arrangements. Forrest owns and operates East County’s Doubletime Studios and is an icon of San Diego’s music scene. His tight spiraling harmonies mesh perfectly with layers of tasteful keyboards. Fans of the Beatles and the Cars will feel right at home with this one. 80’s-like guitar and synth licks carry Bleach Astrology’s own wall of sound throughout the disc especially on the title track, while the hilarious lyrics about Phil Spector are only the most superficial layer of the over the top genius of “Hey Phil.”

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