September 22, 2006

An Open Letter to the Residents of National City

Our city (National City) is about to be turned, unnecessarily and needlessly, into an immigration battleground. Ours is a city that has done everything possible to work out any local immigration issues with all concerned parties. We have a policy to accept matricula consular cards for identification purposes and to keep any local involvement in immigration issues to the legal minimum. In spite of all of this Mayor Nick Inzunza has unilaterally decided to declare National City as an ‘Immigrant Sanctuary City” and have a ‘sanctuary rally.’

Mayor Inzunza’s declaration would have no legal status and would have no effect on City policy, and is therefore reduced to nothing but a publicity stunt. What it will accomplish is to become an open invitation to the opposing outside warring sides to descend upon National City to carry on their campaigns that tend to go in the directions with attitudes or proposed laws in other cities, then they should take their issues there. There is an old saying that ‘even wild animals don’t soil their own nest.’

Imagine my shock and surprise when on Tuesday of this week I found out that my name was used in a press release issued by the Minutemen, a group that I had never had any contact with. Their comment, ‘We join Councilman Ron Morrison, other council members, and the good law-abiding citizens of National City in expressing serious concerns over the mayor’s plans,’ may be true from the aspect that I was on TV should not be taken as any connection whatsoever between myself and this organization or their mission.

My concern is for the people of National City, all the people, and in that light I would ask these opposing sides to not hold the people of National City responsible for the foolish actions of one individual. Please take your battle and your division some where else.

Ron Morrison
Vice Mayor, City of National City

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