September 22, 2006

Dominguez Greene: Using Fame in Support of
the Women of Juarez

By Francisco Ciriza

Michele Dominguez Greene is most likely best recognized from her recurring roles on CBS’s popular drama “The Unit” and on the ground-breaking legal drama “L.A. Law,” which earned her an Emmy Award nomination. However, Dominguez Greene’s artistic expression is not limited to sixty-minute weekly blocks on television screens across America. The Mexican/Nicaraguan and Irish artist has also recently written a novel for teens, Chasing the Jaguar, and this past August released her sophomore CD, “Luna Roja” on Requinto Records.

The ten-track album is a classy collection of authentic nueva canción and Latin-based folk which for Dominguez Greene, serves as a means to negotiate her way through life.

“Music is really the place where I deal with the issues that I struggle with, politically, socially, personally. Whether it’s a love song or a song about a social condition or issue, it is my natural artistic outlet for dealing with those things, Dominguez Greene told La Prensa San Diego earlier this week from her home in Los Angeles.

The songs which are often sung in exquisite Spanish are the results of a collaboration with the very talented Ciro Hurtado, who writes a great deal of the music, does all the arranging, and serves as producer on “Luna Roja.”

“I often have melody and lyrics, sometimes just lyrics and then we sit down and work it out. I don’t play that well, but I have very clear ideas about what I want musically,” said Dominguez Greene.

What’s also very clear to Dominguez Greene is where her heart is. Her Irish father passed away when she was an infant and grew up with her mother’s family in a bilingual household, completely immersed in Latin family culture. Dominguez Greene’s Latino heritage is very strong influence in her life and has provided a solid foundation upon which she has based her sense of identity.

“I have a very deep love and respect for Latin culture, I have traveled extensively in Mexico, I love the language, the customs, the little things you can’t quite describe to someone who doesn’t live it first hand,” said Dominguez Greene.

Michele Dominguez Greene

Some years ago, Dominguez became aware of the horrible atrocities that have come to light in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico where to date the kidnappings, assaults and murders of up to 400 women remain unsolved. As a Latina, a longtime member of Amnesty International, but more importantly, a human being with compassion and a deep respect for life, Dominguez Greene was moved to action.

"I feel that we are one human family; that we are all connected and what happens in some far corner of the world resonates in my life and spirit, good or bad, as another human being,” explained Dominguez Greene.

And so Dominguez Greene decided to utilize her talents and her celebrity to help give yet another voice to those in suffering by uniting forces with Amnesty International’s The Women of Juarez Campaign by hosting a benefit concert on next Thursday, September 28 at Genghis Cohen Cantina in Los Angeles.

Dominguez Greene finds it deplorable that local and state authorities have yet to identify those responsible for the atrocities to justice much less stopped the killings. It is her hope more attention especially from Americans will pressure authorities and others close to the situation to act on the behalf of the women of Juarez and provide for their security so that they must no longer walk in fear for their lives.

“I hope that more and more people get involved and educated about this issue, that they lend their voices, their support, their time and effort to pressuring the Mexican government to bring it to an end and to give answers to the families that have lost their daughters, sisters, cousins”

Michele Dominguez Greene appears next Thursday at Genghis Cohen Cantina located at 740 N. Fairfax Ave in Los Angeles. Tickets are $10 and available at the door. Showtime is 7:30 p.m. For ticket information, please contact: (310)-231-9903.

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