September 8, 2006

Horale mi Gente, Este Chavo esta bien encabronado with what they did to El Jefito y La Prensa! Esos Mensos son unos SUATOS… El Jefito spent 26 years in various Mitotes en WWII, Japon, Korea, Vietnam y luego, paso 30 anos, en mitotes struggling por La Raza….Este Indio doesn’t know quienes lo hicieron, Pero asi no se la trata ONE of our Gente!

GANO Felipe Calderon….The losers were the Indian population de Mejico! Once again they remain unrepresented in the Mexican political arena. Donde esta this centuries Benito Juarez? Got to admit, Lopez Obrador wasn’t the Indians modo! So his loss should not matter to the Indian populations of Mexico. If he had won, he would have sent the Indians back to the mountains with nothing to show for their support ,,,,

In a sense ….Nuestra Raza en “El Good old USA” is somewhat in the same hole in the ground in the USA Politica...We are good for walking Precincts, serving beers in the Fund Raiser, and walking Precincts for candidates who will drop you “cold” as soon as they win!!

El Jefito has put his “PULSE” stick out in the ferment of the political arena! Ni modo can El Presidente Bush win re-election…Not with the Chicano VOTE…He hasn’t got any! Every time one of the RED NECK “Border Fence fighters opens his mouth. The President looses another thousand Chicano voters!

Bueno, Gueyes...School is back…You going to do something to make Mama y Papa Happy…Or you just going to sit round and look “Cool and Maintaining? Don’t be a GUEY!

Bueno, I hope El Jefito can find the “Lana” to pay the printer otherwise, este Indio will have to find another Newspaper that will like his talk! Si no, Pos it’s back to Tijuana for me!

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