September 8, 2006

La Prensa San Diego Office Burglarized!

It is with regret that the Publishers of La Prensa San Diego reports that the main offices of La Prensa San Diego were broken into, by unknown individuals, this past Labor Day weekend of September, 2006. The robbery was discovered by the Editor of La Prensa San Diego Daniel Muñoz Jr. upon his return from the Labor Day Holidays on the 5th of September, 2006.

The first thing, the Publisher noticed was that all the computers were missing along with their associated printers, monitors, and the associated connection boxes and links! The approximate cost to replace the equipment is $40,000 plus installation costs!

Most important was the loss of all the Accounting Records, Payroll Accounts, Banking Records, Check books, all records on accounts payables! The damage to the financial record keeping and the ability to forge and carry out financial transactions in the name of La Prensa San Diego has been deeply compromised!

La Prensa will continue on with faith and belief from our staunch Corporate Supporters who have struggled along with the Muñoz family to maintain La Voz of the Hispanic Citizens of the City and County of San Diego vibrant and alive since 1976, when we printed our first Edition of La Prensa San Diego. We have been a small but vibrant voice, not only in the interest of the Hispanic/Mexican American, but also in the interest of all Americans.

The National City police were called as soon as we discovered the breaking into our offices. The investigation is underway and it seems, or at least we have heard, that numerous fingerprints have been discovered… Perhaps, it will lead to the perpetrators of this dastardly action!

For thirty years, La Prensa San Diego has been the “Mouse” that has dared to roar out in the interests of those who have been too long trampled on, and ignored, by the stampeding Elephants of the City and County of San Diego. That has been the traditional role of the “COMMUNITY” newspapers in America! They are a labor of love, which is given out for free! Money has never impeded their rush to serve their friends and neighbors who desperately need a voice!

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