September 8, 2006


Labor Day 2006 Will Not Bring Fond Memories to La Prensa San Diego

It was with fond memories that La Familia Munoz, returned from celebrating the long weekend of Labor Day. As was our custom, we had gathered with family and friends and kicked off the Holiday with a Mexican cook-out that featured some of our favorite dishes.

It would not be until the following day, when the Editor of La Prensa, Daniel Munoz Jr. went to the office to begin to organizing Friday’s edition of La Prensa, that he realized that we had received very unwelcome visitors! Unknown individuals had broken into our offices and had taken all the Computers, Printers, Screens, and all ancillary attachments to function as a newspaper office! In sum over $40-$50 thousand dollars in equipment! La Prensa San Diego for the first time in over thirty years had lost its voice!

Immediate contact was made with the National City Police Department which immediately came to our offices. We estimated an approximate financial loss in equipment of $40-$50 thousand dollars! That was only the beginning. It soon was discovered that all our financial-accounting books, had been stolen: Check Books, Billing files, address along with phone numbers of our clients were taken! It had taken us over thirty years to develop a support base. Now, it was all gone!

Notification to La Prensa’s Bankers, Merchants that we bought supplies from was undertaken! In one stroke, our financial network had been compromised. The only thing they didn’t take, were the office copies of La Prensa San Diego!

For over 30 years, it had been our policy not to sell the Friday editions of La Prensa San Diego. They were given at no cost to our readers. When La Prensa was established, it was our determination to provide a voice for the Mexican American-Hispanic Community of the County that in essence had no voice in the County of San Diego. No one represented them, unless you could pay.

How did we survive, you asked? Not very easily…..It was a struggle! Now, we don’t know whether we will be able to overcome the lack of financing. La Prensa San Diego will have to see what miracles can be worked out.

(La Prensa Editor-Publisher, Daniel L. Munoz Sr. spent 26 years In the United States Navy taking part in: WWII (Japan), Korea, and the Vietnam conflicts. He retired as a Commissioned Warrant Officer. In 1976, he took on the effort to provide a Voice for the mostly disenfranchised Hispanic/Mexican American communities.)

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