October 20, 2006


Does Prop. 89 Deliver on the Promise?

Prop 89: Political Campaigns, Public Financing, Corporate Tax Increase, Campaign Contribution and Expenditure Limits: INITIATIVE STATUTE.

Should Political candidates for state elective offices receive public funds to pay for the costs of campaigning for state offices?

The business of running for public office is no longer about serving the public good or a healthy debate of ideas but about who can raise the most money, which all too often means that person will win the election. Proposition 89 supposedly wants to change the way politicians pay for their political campaigns The intent may have some merit but it is certainly not about making the political process fair or equitable. What it is about, is authorizing the raising taxes in order to finance the campaigns of all candidates regardless what merits they my have i.e. every candidate will have the right to raid the public treasury regardless of their worthiness to hold public office or ability to even read or write the English language.

The raising of monies for political campaigns has become a fulltime avocation in which the rich and wealthy, the lobbyist, Corporations, and Unions have perfected the game of buying influence. It has gotten to the point that the concerns of the common man and his needs are ignored. We have seen the influence of big bucks on campaigns and we know the results. Washington D.C. is rift with scandal and we only have to look as far as Randle “Duke” Cunningham and Cheetagate with the San Diego city council.

The influence of money has to be mitigated but we question whether Prop. 89 is an honest effort to do this.

To remove the impact of money or lack of, what should be proposed is to change how it is that we select who our political leaders will be. Perhaps, we should look at the English political process where the impact money is made irrelevant by limiting the length of campaigns, shortening all public campaigning down to two or three months, allowing no financing of campaigns, or costs of media by establishing a schedule of appearances on the public media at no charge! Can you imagine removing all the Radio, Television, Major Media (print) being provided equally to the certified candidates to make their pitch as to why they should be elected????? We need to take a few lessons from the British! What is needed as to change our bankrupt and corrupt system that we have to elect our Country’s Leadership!

Vote NO on Prop 89

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