October 6, 2006

Tequila, Mexico’s beverage

Tequila Expo 2006 in Tijuana features more than 300 brands.

By Pablo Jaime Sainz

Without a doubt, tequila is Mexico’s most popular drink.

If Europe has wine and Russia has vodka, tequila is what represents Mexico when it comes to alcoholic beverages.

There’s a whole culture surrounding tequila, which is originally from the state of Jalisco, in western Mexico. Charreria, mariachi, antojitos mexicanos. All of these are part of tequila culture.

Tequila Expo 2006, which will take place from October 11 through 15 at the Tijuana racetrack, promotes tequila culture at the time that it advertises different brands at a national level.

There will be around 300 brands in exhibit with the best tequilas in Mexico, said Javier Lechuga, the expo’s director. It is organized by Impulsores de Marcas y Productos Mexicanos and Comité de Turismo y Convenciones.

The event, which is in its sixth series, has become the biggest and most popular event of its type in Mexico, thanks to the diversity it offers, Lechuga said.

Distinguish by taste, smell and color what makes very good tequila at Tijuana’s Tequila Expo 2006.

“Our goal is to promote tequila brands and to let people know about the cultural richness surrounding tequila,” he said.

In this expo you’ll be able to learn more about one of the most traditional drinks, its production, the land where it is from and how to taste it.

You’ll have the chance to try each of the brands and learn how to distinguish by taste, smell and color what makes very good tequila. 

“You will learn to appreciate a hundred per cent Mexican drink,” Lechuga said.

New to the expo this year will be an actual Tequila distillery on sight for you to learn about the tequila making process.  

You can also buy and import the tequilas on sight for your pleasure at home or wherever it may lead.

But since this is a family event, Lechuga said that people who get drunk will have to leave.

“We want to assure families that they can bring their children,” he said.

A tequila expert will teach you the history of tequila and how to be able to distinguish certain tequilas by different factors. We also have an opportunity to taste tequila on board the bus. The tequila expert will give the best tips on how to find Tequila bargains, said Alfonso Hernández.

There are similar expos in Ciudad Juarez, Mexicali and San Felipe, Lechuga said. There are even plans of doing a tequila expo in the U.S.

The festival, which will last five days, will have mariachis, ballet folklórico, palenque and Mexican food. There will be souvenirs as well.

“You will be able to spend a Mexican afternoon,” Lechuga said.

(The Tequila Expo 2006 will take place from October 11 through the 15 at the Tijuana racetrack. For information, visit http://www.tijuanaonline.org/english/expotequila.)

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