October 6, 2006

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood

Juan Antonio Adame Triumphs in Tijuana

An excellent herd of bulls from Celia Barbosa and two triumphant performances by Mexican matador Juan Antonio Adame were the highlights of the corrida de toros, celebrated Oct. 1, in the Hurtado family’s “Beautiful Bullring by The Sea.”

As reviewed by Gary Sloan, the afternoon attracted a small crowd to witness an afternoon, featuring young matadores who hope to be the stars of tomorrow. In addition to Adame were José Luis Angelino and José Mauricio.

The Celia Barbosa toros were all brave against the horses and would have surrendered more trophies to toreros of greater experience.

With his first bull, “Capitan” (460 kilos), José Luis Angelino opened with veronicas, and finished with a media veronica for the remate. After the pic’ing, the matador placed two pairs of banderillas in normal fashion, plus one pair “al violín”. The faena was decent, no real highlights, but competent. After a half sword, and two tries with the descabello, it was over. Applause.

With his second animal, “Trouador,” (500 kilos), José did some nice work with the capote. After the pic, he did a fine series of chicuelinas, capped with a great rebolera and a serpentina.

The faena was very good, with tandas on both sides and grand temple. Half way through the faena José attempted a crowd-pleasing stunt that almost cost him a nasty injury. He dropped to his knees, with his back to the bull, and leaned backward. But, the desplante was too close and the bull charged and got him, giving José a real nasty cogida, beat him up pretty well. After he was rescued, José went back for a couple of tandas, then killed with a half sword, and was awarded an ear with a petion for the second, which was not granted.

With his first toro, “Compadre,” (465 kilos), Juan Antonio Adame gave us some veronicas and a media veronica. After the pic, he did a fine set of chicuelinas antiguas, navarras, and finished with good rebolera serpentina combination.

After the pic, Juan Antonio placed three great pairs of banderillas. The faena was very good. Juan Antonio ran the hand long and well on both sides. He finished off with a good sword, and was awarded an ear.

With his second animal, “Poeta” (460 kilos), a duel developed between Adame and Angelino. Adame did some good cape work, then allowed Angelino a series of chicuelinas for a quite. Then, Adame followed with another set of the same, with another rebolera, serpentina for the remate. It was all very enjoyable.

Adame then invited Angelino to share the placements of the banderillas, and they did beautifully. He started the faena with two consecutive péndulos, to set the tone, then went on to give a really good third act, with smooth series on both sides. He had the crowd with him, all the way. He topped it off with a great estocada, right in the basket. The bull had barely enough time to stagger back a couple of steps, before crashing, over patas arriba. So far, this was the best sword placement of the season. Two ears were awarded.

With his first bull, “Norteno,” (475 kilos), José Mauricio, the newcomer to Tijuana, gave us some veronicas, and a media veronica for the remate. After the pic’ing. José did a set of very close chicuelinas, followed by a rebolera. Angelino then came out and did a set of tapateras, and a rebolera.

The faena was good, although he’s a little green. He did some nice work on both sides, then he got careless and the bull caught him and gave him a rough tossing. When he went in for the kill, he lost everything. Six pinchazos, and an aviso, before it was over. He took a vuelta.

With his second toro, “Sonajero,” (492 kilos), José did some average capote work. The faena was average, as well. Once again, poor work with the sword, and nada. I think that this young man has a lot of potential, but his sword work needs attention.

For the most part it was a good afternoon. The next corrida will be the 15th of October at the bullring by the sea. The only name I heard was Fernando Ochoa. See you there.

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