November 22, 2006


A Blessed and Joyous Thanksgiving Celebration Day to All Our Readers of La Prensa San Diego

Throughout the year, we have given thanks for the many wonderful things that we have been blessed to have received in our life. This year was no exception. We were thankful that when our offices were broken into and every computer and electronic device was stolen we were able to get back on our feet and not miss a deadline. The paper was out that Friday, as it has been every Friday!

We were thankful that when our Editor had a home accident, after spending a day in the hospital, he was able to carry on despite all the bandages. We are thankful that Jose Carlos Delgado, husband to Maria, who has been with us the longest, is still with us not giving up and fighting against the Cancer that is taking its toll. We are thankful for the new baby that was delivered to Patricia Saenz our newest employee, a beautiful baby girl. We are thankful for having known Tom Martinez, a wonderful man who brightened our lives daily with his strong personality and who changed the lives of countless thousands through his good work his entire life. He passed away this year at the age of 88.

We are thankful that our Publisher, Daniel L. Muñoz, who is in better health every day and that his son Ruben is still with us as he continues his fight against cancer. Cancer seems to affect a lot of people these days, and we are thankful that all of these people are continuing on, it is a tough battle that takes its toll on the whole family.

We are thankful for our families and our good health. We are truly blessed that we can continue on each and every day and our best to do what we think is right and just. We truly try to make a difference within our community. We are thankful for all the support and encouragement. We are thankful for our readers. And we are thankful for our advertisers who without we would not have been able to bring to you La Prensa San Diego for the past 30 years. There is so much to give thanks for, more than this space allows.

Thanksgiving Day celebrates the coming together of multicultural peoples of different origins and backgrounds. Thanksgiving is about the breaking of bread and sharing in the joy of the survival. As we reflect on this, it saddens us that instead of seeing the coming together of the various cultures of the American Continent, we are seeing walls being built and ways being sought to deny the new immigrants an opportunity to enjoy life with the meager wages they earn. We see individuals going out to confront the new immigrants with messages of hate rather than love. “You are not welcome!” “Go home!” The new migrants will be greeted with messages of hatred rather than Love!

On Thanksgiving Day many of the new immigrants will give their blessings over foods that they worked so hard to provide, not only to their tables, to their humble shacks, but food that will grace American homes on Thanksgiving Day, El Dia De Gracias.

Americans have moved away from the meaning of Thanksgiving Day. We should pray for the day when we all sit down at the table, truly give thanks to all the blessings that we are fortunate to have, and learn to share our happiness and blessings with one and all.

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