November 17, 2006


Republicans have lost the struggle to gain the Minority Voters!

For the Republican Party, the fallout from the mid-term elections continues. They lost more than just the Election. The Leadership of the Republican lost whatever standing they had as a viable, political party. For the Hispanic community the Republican Party is now at the same level as all other minor political parties such as the Green Party, Peace & Freedom Party, the Independent Party.

This past Tuesday, President Bush introduced his candidate to head the Republican National Committee – Florida Senator Mel Martinez. The Martinez nomination is an effort to gather Minorities to support the Republican Party and its candidates. President Bush at one time attracted more than 40% of the Latino vote! Republicans know that without Hispanic support they can’t win. They have lost the Black, Filipino, and the Mexican American vote, and with the war still going on in Iraq and the number of Hispanics and other minorities increasingly being killed, the youth voter and their families have increasingly abandoned the Republican Party! 

This is a good sign and a positive move away from the polarizing politics of the right –wing/conservative politics of the Republican Party. It has become increasingly clear that Republicans didn’t mind the war in Iraq as long as the “Body Bags” contained mostly minorities, in particular Blacks, Mexican American and Asians. MINORITY Servicemen have become the cannon fodder for the war in Iraq!

Senator Martinez stated that the immigration issue had struck “the wrong tone,” a tone he promised to change. Border security only, enforcement only is not the message that reflects America and does not reflect Mel Martinez who immigrated to the United States at age 15 from Cuba. Within the Republican Party, there are some disgruntled members who are not on board with the Martinez selection, but the general consensus is that Martinez will be selected as the party leader!

The ball is in the Democrats court and we are waiting to see what they do to reach out to the Hispanic community. The days of the Democratic Party taking this Hispanic voter for granted are also over!

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