November 17, 2006


¡Lero! ¡Lero! Joe Turner Loser!

Founder of Save Our State bombs out in run for San Bernardino Unified board

By Daniel Maldonado

The people of San Bernardino, CA have spoken. And what they said was, “Don’t take us for fools, Joe Turner.”

Turner, founder of Save Our State, a nativist-xenophobic organization, made up of mostly beer burping yahoos who couldn’t put two cognitive thoughts together if they were offered their own beer franchises, was soundly defeated by the voters of San Bernardino, CA.

The vote for Governing Board Member San Bernardino City Unified ended with Savage, Ayala, Parra and Valdez as the victors. The top four vote winners will sit on the school board. But Turner won’t be there with them. Turner finished a dismal seventh. This is good news for the decent, hard working people of San Bernardino, The State of California and the country as a whole.


Because Turner’s vicious, mean spirited attacks on migrants and anyone who even looks Latino has been just plain wrong, that’s why. These vicious and mean spirited attacks are especially vile when it comes to the kids. And it’s the kids who attend the schools that Turner was hoping to make decisions for as school board member.

Fortunately for the kids, Turner is not relishing in victory today. Instead, his opponents are relishing in the fact that he is experiencing the agony of defeat.

Now Turner’s obsession with Latinos and the increasing Latino population, who are mostly Mexican, has typecast him as a political scrooge for years to come. The die is cast. Turner is a racist “also ran.’ And a defeated racist also ran at that.

Turner’s unhealthy fixation with the changing demographic that this continent is facing is purely based on race. Luckily, people do not vote according to race. People vote according to conscience. This might also explain why there are fewer elected republicans in Washington today than yesterday. But now who will the nativists go crying to? Ironically, it is nativists like Turner who have stood in the way of immigration reform. Although they are a tiny minority, their unwillingness to accept a guest worker program and a path to citizenship had the majority of us held hostage. And it was all for their own personal agendas.

Surely, Turner and other petty xenophobes like him could not possibly think that they can prevent the inevitable from happening. To fully appreciate just what an effort in futility their deeds are, just imagine this continent over the past 12,000 years. Indigenous migrants have been roaming this continent freely for over 12,000 years. In the broader scope of things, no one, and I do mean no one, can stop migrants, who are predominantly Mexican, from migrating on their (our) ancestral homelands.

Because Turner’s vile agenda, he will now go down in history as a pimple on the ass of time. Yesterday Turner’s delusion of grandeur crashed right into the wall of reality, and reality won. ¡Lero! ¡Lero!

Daniel Maldonado is publisher, editor of AzltanElectronicNews.Net

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