May 19, 2006

Women of the Diamond Neighborhoods Honored at Luncheon

“I’m happy, I’m healthy, I’m loving life!” was the theme of a luncheon celebrating the contributions made by women who dedicate their time to helping others. Too often, women who spend their time volunteering don’t make time for themselves. This luncheon honored women who dedicate their lives to helping others in the Diamond Neighborhoods of southeast San Diego.

The Women’s Luncheon began four years ago as a Mother’s Day event hosted by the Neighborhood Coordinators program supported by the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation (JCNI). The Neighborhood Coordinators are neighborhood residents who help connect their neighbors to resources and take part in initiatives to improve their community. The Neighborhood Coordinators organized this event for women who volunteer in the community to receive recognition for their contributions to the community. Now in its fifth year, the Women’s Luncheon has become a series that provides information and resources for women to strengthen themselves, their families, and, ultimately, their community.

Dr. Maria Vazquez-Campos from Kaiser Permanente giving a presentation in Spanish at the luncheon.

As an operating foundation dedicated to resident ownership of neighborhood change, JCNI works side-by-side with the residents of the Diamond Neighborhoods to implement change in the community through entrepreneurial projects, hands-on learning relationships, and the creative investment of resources.

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