May 5, 2006

With National City’s Icon Charlie Vasquez leaving his home turf, what are the Local Folks going to do now??? Everybody from the Westside to the Eastside knows Charlie! Charlie has been involved in his community since time immemorial! Hijole, este Indio will miss all the Bar-B-Que’s, parties, and Get-Togethers that went on in his Eastside Digs! If you needed a Cuate, Charlie was there. National City’s loss will be Chula Vista’s gain as he moves to his new Palatial Digs on the Eastside! Don’t worry, he won’t forget you! (P.S.). He will still be working with the County Public Defenders Office!

La Señora Eloisa Baca, Mother of CCR Chairman Herman Baca, will be celebrating her 90th birthday this month. Eloisa Baca has been the light by which the Baca family has been guided. There will be a special mass, officiated by Bishop Chavez, and of course a great party afterwards in her Honor!

Let’s see if we got this straight, National City Port Commissioner Dukie Valderrama tells the City Council that there is a major distrust of the National City Government. (This presumably is why the 1% sales tax hike has failed twice now.) When did this become news? Anyway the NC City Council promised to take a pay cut if the sales tax did not pass! So let me get this straight: While the City is slashing services, denying pay increases and firing personnel left and right. THE MEMBERS OF THE CITY COUNCIL, including THE MAYOR continue to enjoy living high off the hog while everyone else in the city suffers! But if the Sales Tax doesn’t pass, after the third time, then the City Council will take a pay cut. Orale, Voters of National City, GET OUT AND VOTE NO for the next proposed NEW SALES TAX!!!

Under the leadership of Mayor Steve Padilla, the City of Chula Vista has done well. But it is getting pretty embarrassing with all the peccadilloes that keep coming out about this guy. The latest being his advancements on his pay, not just one but several! Ever since he came out of the closet, things seem to have gone a little South on him, is it a coincidence?? Quien sabe! (Dime con quien andas Y te digo quien eres!)

The UFW can’t seem to make up their mind when it comes to the Democratic candidate for Governor, so… They decided to endorse Phil Angelides and Steve Westly for Governor. It’s tough making choices sometimes isn’t it! But, that’s why those that want to play politics have to learn to make hard choices… OR, get out of the political business! You either provide leadership or you give up your position of leadership!

The campaign between Bob Filner and Juan Vargas is getting pretty testy. Filner supporters claim that a Vargas supporter in Calexico stripped the car of a Filner campaign worker of its tires and spray painted it with Via Vargas on it among other niceties! But what else is new! These two Gentlemen (?) have gotten into nasty tradeoffs each and every time they run for office. From where I sit, got to say that Señor Vargas is striking out because the numbers don’t look good for his campaign to unseat Mr. Filner. His track record as the 79th Assembly District Representative doesn’t look very good either. He has been too busy catering to the special interests and ignoring the needs of the 79th District!

Logan Heights residents are reporting that the Border Patrol seen chasing two men into a house, with disregard for the residents in the neighborhood of 29th and Logan. At the same time there was another raid at 43rd and Market. Residents say that this is happening more and more often in their neighborhoods. There was a big difference this time though, normally the residents would go inside their homes and lock their doors whenever this happened. Well this time the residents came outside, waving signs and flags – there were not to be intimidated! Peligro Gente don’t be caught interfering with the Border Patrol or Police….Waving flags may spook the Police or Border Patrolmen giving them the opening to open-fire on you! Best to lodge complaints with your City Councilman, the Police and Border Patrol Officials.

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