June 23, 2006

GoooooooooL ….Hijole!!!!! Este Indio is gooinnG POCO LOCO with “El Fútbol” en el TELLY!!! The good news/bad news from the World Cup. The US team showed their ineptitude at these games, the only goal scored prior to the Ghana game wasn’t even by a US player but by an Italian player who misdirected a shot into his own goal. Ghana put them out of the misery with a 2-1 victory Thursday. The good news is that Mexico advanced on to the second round, but unless they shoot better they are not going much further. Mexico had many shots on goal but keep missing.

Now you know why Los Americanos have trouble understanding the World Cup Playoffs… Hijole, este Indio has a hard time also. But I enjoy the World Cup playoffs!

Juan Vargas didn’t show up at Election Central, knowing what lie ahead! But, he could have shown a little class and congratulated the winner Bob Filner! It didn’t take long for the nay-sayers to come out and start bashing Vargas. Worse than bad loser are bad winners. Not much creditability here with a lot of the folks who spoke out after Vargas lost his bid against Filner. Where were all these people before? As long as Vargas was winning races these same people were on the Vargas bandwagon as long as they thought there was something for them to gain... qué lástima!

One last Vargas note or two: State Assemblywoman, Lori Saldana, who ran unopposed, hitched her wagon to Vargas. This brings into question Saldana’s character judgment ability, so far not so good. Also failing the Vargas camp was State Senator Ducheney, who was also running unopposed, supported Vargas, but, guess her coat tails weren’t very long in the valley which she represents. Vargas got trounced in the Imperial Valley.

The last big question: is this the last of the Inzunza political machine? Time will tell, but it will take something akin to a miracle to revive this political family.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 15 there is going to be a big fiesta to celebrate the Herman Baca Archives being presented to UCSD for historical preservation and research. The community is invited from 2 pm to 5:30 pm at UCSD Price Center Plaza for a celebration with food, music, and special guest. For more info call Norma Cazares at 619.422.0432.

Democratic Party continues to spin its wheels. Despite the lowly rates of President Bush you would think that the Democrats could take advantage and make a move to position themselves for the next Presidential Elections, Congressional and Senate races. But no! Last week they came out with their new Democratic Plan “New Direction for America” for the party and guess what, it has fallen flat, as they continue to support and vote for more money and the continuation of the Iraq war. Where is the new direction in that?

The President got us into this mess with Iraq and the situation hasn’t improved one bit since then. I don’t know about you but I don’t feel good about this war and I definitely don’t feel safer. Now we have to live with the image of two good soldiers/men being beheaded. Enough is enough!

Chao.... Tezzy.

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