June 16, 2006


Graduation Day – A Day to Be Remembered!

June is Graduation month. From the Elementary school level, Middle School thru High School. Eventually many of our children continue on to the College/University level! Many a school campus is brimming with their school colors, flags are gently blowing in the wind, diplomas are piled high, and students are all excited as they look forward to closing one chapter in their life and beginning a new adventure.

The Parents of these students are proud of their children. With pride they followed the progress of their child as they went from one grade to the next and graduate from one level of education on to the next. Each graduation represented a milestone accomplished by their child. Their hopes for their future looked brighter, more meaningful, and brought hopes for a future that would be filled with success.

The Parents should also be congratulated for all they have done to see that their children succeeded. All the hours of homework, all the PTA meetings, Parent/Teacher meetings, all the prodding and discipline needed to keep the children focused. It is all in the little things that parents do to ensure that the students have a chance at succeed. Yes, the parents should be proud of their young Graduates. As much as it is a day for the Students, it is also a day for the Parents!

Teachers need to be congratulated, as well, in this endeavor. We have a special place in our hearts for them. They spent many a day guiding our children through the educational maze. For this, we are grateful! But as parents, we rarely get a chance to see, really, all the work, trials, and tribulations that the teachers have to go through each and every day to educate our children. And for this, we need to remember the Teachers and thank them for all they have done. Well we know, that they are already preparing to welcome the next class of students into their classroom!

Graduation Day, though, is about the Students. No matter what we do, or how good the teachers may be, the final results ultimately rest with the students, themselves. Graduation day means that they also put in the work, did the homework, and passed the tests. Nobody else could have done this for them. Graduation is a testament to the students’ ability to succeed. And so with this, we congratulate the Parents, the Teachers, and most importantly, the Students on this glorious day – Graduation Day.

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