June 2, 2006

Yoshua Okón presents La Panadería 1994-2002

Yoshua Okón will present and be available for the book signing of La Panadería 1994-2002 co-edited by himself and Alex Dorfsman tonight at Lui Velazquez. La Panaderia is the first book to document the short but extraordinary history of a unique artist-run space founded in 1994 in Mexico City, Mexico. La Panadería housed exhibitions, a residency exchange program, and cultural events involving local and international artists.

As an alternative space within the highly institutionalized context of Mexico, La Panadería helped promote young artists as well as artists who were not necessarily valued by the mainstream. La Panadería’s program emphasized the integration of eclectic marginal practices and became an important social center for the contemporary art scene as well as a reference point.

Through its international residency program, the space broadened the scope of the Mexican art world and established vital ties with similar spaces on a global scale. In Mexico, La Panadería became an important site outside of what commercial galleries or museums offered within the urban landscape of the nineties.

Yoshua Okón

The artist-writer was born in Mexico City in 1970 and lives and works in Mexico City and Los Angeles, California.

Yoshua Okón’s work, like a series of near-sociological experiments executed for the camera, blends staged situations, documentation and improvisation and puts into question habitual perceptions of reality and truth, selfhood and morality.

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