July 21, 2006


The Most Racist City in America – Hazleton, PA

On July 12th, the Hazleton, Pennsylvania City Council voted to approve an Illegal Immigration Relief Act, creating one of the strictest Anti-Immigrant laws in the United States. This Relief Act will impose severe penalties on landlords who rent space to illegal immigrants, suspend the licenses of businesses that employ them and declared English the city’s official language.

The law would require that anyone seeking to rent in the city will have to apply for a residency license, and submit to an investigation of citizenship status. Landlords found renting to people without licenses would be fined $1,000 a day. Business owners found hiring, renting property to, or providing goods and services to illegal immigrants, will lose their business permit for five years on a first offense and 10 years on a second.

The motivation behind this, according to the Mayor of Hazleton, is the loss of their quality of life! All the pretenses are thrown off and the real reasons surrounding the Immigration debate are out in the open, exposed for all to see. Now, maybe we can start to talk about the real issues that are behind what is driving this divisive discussion on immigration. We ask: What is really scaring White America?

Hazleton is a non-descript mining town in Pennsylvania that has seen its best days. The youth was moving out and Hispanics moving in! The Hispanic population quickly grew to be 30% of the city! The city’s population, which had dipped to 23,000, had grown to about 31,000. Hispanics were pumping vitality back into this city. But the older White population felt threatened, they were slowly losing their grip on power and not able to keep up with the younger Hispanic population.

The Mayor of Hazleton, Norman Tarantino, used the often repeated polarizing imagery of a crime wave coming in with the growing Hispanic population! In San Diego this has often been repeated going back to the days of then County Supervisor Susan Golding. But, much like Golding, Mayor Tarantino had no facts or figures to back his claim! In fact, according to the Pennsylvania State Police there had been a reduction in the number of total arrests for the city! But the Mayor wouldn’t let the facts get in the way of a good political slogan.

What is happening in Hazleton is a microseism of what is happening across our country! The White population, the power structure, sees the growing Hispanic population which as it grows; increases its political and economic power. They see the writing on the wall that someday they will lose control of the political and economic power. The past power/economic brokers will have to share in this power with the up and coming younger Hispanic population. And like any person, group or organization giving up power it is not an easy thing to do, in fact you try to hang to as much power for as long as possible. You don’t like sharing.

The debate on the U.S./Mexican Border, in San Diego and other impacted Border States, is not so much about drugs, crime, or terrorism, it is about how they, the White community can keep Brown faces from coming into their neighborhoods, cities and towns. How do they keep control and in power with the growth of the Hispanic community?

Hazleton is now the shinning star for other towns and cities as discussions in other city halls are trying to figure out a way to emulate Hazleton. Escondido is just one example of this discussion going on right now. How do they maintain control and power over their City when the White minorities are losing the population race! If you don’t increase the number of those that reside in the City, County, or State that are White, you will soon lose the right to rule! To Govern i.e., RULE, you must be a significant part of the population or forfeit any claim to rule!

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