July 14, 2006

Chula Vista, Staples hosted a Store dedication, at 1850 Main St., Chula Vista, CA. Thursday July 13. The event was dedicated in Honor of Jesse Navarro, Chula Vista. Members of the Chula Vista community were invited to attend the ceremony and enjoy entertainment, refreshments, raffles and discounts. Town officials and the Regional Vice President of Staples was onsite to present the store dedication to Jesse Navarro, who was joined by his family and friends at the ceremony! It is always a pleasure to note when “One of OURS” is recognized for his activities in behalf of his community!

John Moores – Padres owner and one of the richest man - will be getting $10 million from the State to develop Affordable Housing for Families in Downtown San Diego! The California Department of Housing and Community Development rewarded a $10 million grant to for an affordable housing development at corner of 16th and Market Street in downtown San Diego. The development was one outcome of a controversial Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) for the Ball Park Villages development negotiated last fall between developers, JMI Realty (a John Moores company), Inc and Lennar Corporation, and ACCORD, a broad coalition of community groups. Este Indio in passing notes that the RICH keep getting multimillion Grants for Housing development that the working poor will never be able to afford!

187 individuals signed petitions in protest at the presence of Karl Rove who was invited to give the key note speech at the National Council of La Raza luncheon today. Enrique Morones was forced out of the convention at the Los Angeles Convention Center after he stood up in the audience and began to loudly read a protest demand signed by 187 petitioners (just like racist Proposition 187). He was quickly surrounded and forced out of the Convention by the Secret Service and Security personnel. “We protest the presence of Karl Rove responsible for the death of tens of thousands on at least two continents, responsible for the fraud in Florida and the death of thousands along US/Mexico border. Enrique asked loudly who the next speaker would be; the Premier of North Korea??? Shame on NCLR, SHAME!!! Este Indio is beginning to wonder just who or whom some organizations represent? Honorable organizations of the past seem to have been co-opted by VENDIDOS of the present!

P.S. Mr. Mayor of San Diego: If it will help you feel better, El Jefito of La Prensa San Diego isn’t very happy either with the Union-Tribune Editorials on the Kroll Firm which appears to be ripping off the City of San Diego and its taxpayers! Put their feet to the FIRE. Got to agree with you and the City Attorney Mike Aguirre. Now if only the City Council can lead and help clean up this mess… We are sick and tired of the entire RIP OFFS that are destroying the City of San Diego. It’s not passing by us that some of the City Council members leave a lot to be desired in what a City Councilman should do or not do….

Now we know Gente, where the problem is in the manning of the Border. I would say that over 60% of the Border Patrolmen are Military trained. The Generals and Admirals now admit that their enlisted men come from the bottom of the barrel…No volunteers are enlisting to go get killed in the Desert Lands. You can’t control the Borders with bottom of the barrel recruits!

Pos chao gente… Tell your familias in Mexico to cool it! You can’t change a country overnight! It’s getting major y major!

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