July 7, 2006

La Raza del Sur have taken a leap of faith, and decided to test the politicos of Mexico. One more time they have risked their lives and trudged down to the Voting Urns to vote for the Next Presidente of Mexico! There aren’t too many choices for the residents of Mexico. After decades of living in poverty, they kind of know that they don’t have much political power!

Pos, let see, who controls Mexico?… Los Ricos! Who controls the Government? Los Ricos! Who controls the Mexican Army... Los Ricos! Who controls the Airforce, Navy, and all the police forces in the country... Los Ricos…Who controls the Elections? Well let’s see… Los Ricos? Who will control the politicos that somehow get elected to public office? You got it... Los Ricos!

Faith in their country must have been the guiding strength that moved the Undocumented Visitors to our country to cross the border and VOTE! The undocumented have faith that some day Mexico will have a system in place that will protect the Rights of the Mexican Citizens!

Zapata and other National heroes may be dead, but, their past existence brings hope to millions of Mexicanos, that change will once again come to Mexico!

Pos, who will be elected President? Will it be Pro-Business —Conservative Felipe Calderon (PAN) of the National Action Party? Or, will Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (PRD), former Mayor of Mexico City and Leader of the Democratic Revolutionary Party, be the choice of the disenfranchised Citizens of Mexico? Trailing far behind is Roberto Madrazo (PRI) whose Party is out of favor with the Voters but it still may have a role to play.

Pues mi Gente, maybe by the next election, Mexico will have a role for all its citizens to play in the election of its government. It is time the Indigenous people of Mexico have a role in voting for their government! Since Benito Juarez, a Zapoteca Indian, who grew up to become the President of Mexico and led his Country in the war for Independence, there has been no other Indigenous person elected to office.

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