July 7, 2006


Mexico Holds A Presidential Election

And Not A Revolution!

It came as a welcomed surprise to actually live long enough to eventually witness what no one ever expected: A real ELECTION FOR THE Presidency of Mexico! No it wasn’t a revolution, or an Indian uprising! It wasn’t a “make believe election!” What occurred in Mexico, this July 2, 2006 was a real election won or lost through the political process and not by force of arms!

Mexico gained its Independence from Spain (1810-1821). The year was September 15, 1810 when El Grito for Freedom was raised by the Cura Miguel Hidalgo and the people of Mexico first raised their voices in “El Grito de Independencia” and began the long process of gaining control of the country and their lives! It would be a long struggle to gain actual control of their country and freely elect a president and members of the Congress! First, the country had to suffer a long list of dictators, Army Generals, and heated battles from those who would attempt to impose non-democratic governments which served the interests of power hungry individuals who cared little for the people of Mexico.

The history of Mexico was created and formed originally to serve the needs and desires of foreign conquerors: Spain, France, America, with the country being ruled by their satraps. It was not to change until the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920) when local home grown leaders arose and set the fires of Independence in serious efforts to gain control of their country. The names of Miguel Hidalgo, Venustiano Carranza, Victoriano Huerta, Francisco Madero, Alvaro Obregón, Vicente Lombardo Toledano, Aquiles Serdan and Emiliano Zapata, among others, led the struggle to gain freedom for Mexico and lead the country to freedom!

Mexico, as so many other new democracies discovered that suffering through a long period of time to learn that freedom, justice, and the creation of a true democracy was not an easy task to achieve. It has suffered in the past as other nations have. It is not an easy task to take the power and wealth accumulated by vested interests and force it to be used in the interest of the country and not to be squandered by vested interests. Today’s election is a strong sign that the current leadership has begun to understand and realize what a true democracy is. “The wealth, power and resources of a nation must be used in the interest of the nation and not in the interest of an oligarchy that has abused its position in the country.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, (PRD), Felipe Calderon (PAN), and Roberto Madrazo (PRI), the candidates for the presidency of Mexico, have each garnered large numbers of votes from the citizens of Mexico. The Election appears to have been run professionally and honorably. The votes are in and the count has been carried out by the citizens of Mexico. No apparent effort to steal votes, intimidate the voters, or to buy the election is apparent. The count will take longer as Mexico does not have the computerized systems required nor is it as organized as the U.S. They are new at this business of running a fair and honest election to assure all the votes will be counted. If asked by Mexico to work with them in assuring a fair count is being made, America should be ready to assist. It isn’t possible to change the manner in which business has been conducted for decades without problems occurring. Even the U.S. has suffered problems in conducting fair and square elections in the past.

This is the first time that the headline on a national election in Mexico has stated: The Race is too close to call!

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