December 22, 2006

San Diego City Council person Ben Hueso is on the short list to replace Steve PADILLA on the California Coastal Commission! His qualifications you ask? The sister of  Speaker Nuñez, who will do the appointing, lives in Logan Heights and is a big supporter of Señor Hueso. It is going to take a lot more to get this appointment, one of the more coveted appointments in the whole State! Pregunta: How much money has Señor Hueso raised for the Party in the past?

Chula Vista Council person Steve Castañeda is also on the list to replace Padilla on the Coastal Commisssion! But; it is not what you know, but who you know! To bad Castañeda isn’t good friends of the Nuñez family!

National City appointed Fideles Ungab to fill the 2 year term of Ron Morrision on the City Council with the promise he would not run for reelection! That is the good news. The not so good news, Ungab, is serving his second appointment to the National City Council, because with Ungab, you know what you are getting (someone who will not make waves)!

The Ungab appointment was a bit of a surprise, many thought Ditas Yamane had the inside track (Payback for political support).

Speaking of appointments: The Chula Vista School Board is still waiting for those applications to come in! As of last week,only one had arrived. If interested you only have until the 27th to get the application in!

Years ago, este Indio spent hours cutting out and painting a wooden Christmas train for los chico Indios only to have them stolen last year! This year had to make them all over, chico Indios just loved them, but this time I chained them as not to have them stolen. Qué léstima that I even have to do that.

Los Chargers sure got the community fired up! Everywhere you look people are wearing their Charger gear. Even Tezozomoc is getting ready to break out the old Charger T-shirt from the first Super Bowl appearance. We think though that this year’s team has the best chance ever to win a Super Bowl. Don’t know if they are the best team ever, the old AFL Chargers were pretty good in their day and have several championship trophies from that era.

Story on Mayor Sanders’ siding with the Minuetmen on the Rick Roberts show, (see last week’s story in La Prensa, 12/15) had an impact! Sanders had a meeting with Chicanos from North County and expressed remorse and promised to create an Advisory Board, whatever that means. Pregunta: How come he doesn’t come out publicly like he did on the Roberts Radio show, in his tacit support of the Minutemen. La Prensa would be happy to publish his comments on this subject.

Well it’s time to go Christmas shopping and spend more money.

Felix Navidad!

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