Volume XXX Number 50 December 15, 2006

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Angels on motorcycles

By Luis Alonso Pérez.

Like every year since 1985, bikers from the United States, Canada and other Mexican states made thousands of disadvantaged kids happy with their traditional toy run titled “Caravan of happiness”.

For 21 consecutive years, members of the Tijuana motorcycle club “Solo Angeles,” in collaboration with dozens of North American clubs, have personally donated and collected thousands of sponsored toys raffled among needy children.

Hundreds of families gathered early Sunday morning on Revolucion Avenue to watch the bikers arrive and wait for the toy draw.

Mr and Mrs Santa Claus deliver Christmas presents to the children of Tijuana.

You could hear the roaring sound of their bike’s motors from far away. The caravan crossed the border around 9 a.m. and crossed through town, creating a surprising spectacle for bystanders watching them ride by.

Big guys with long beards, tattoos and leather jackets paraded with their wives on their shinny Harleys. Some wore Santa Claus disguises; other wore reindeer horns on their helmets.

Enthusiastic children waved to more than 10 thousand participating bikers as they rode along, each one carrying a toy that was raffled during the event. Some gave out candy to the little ones and others took pictures with them.

The motorcyclists parked on Revolucion Avenue and packed over ten blocks, turning it into a large bike show and a festive Christmas reunion for bikers and their families.

For ten straight years the event has been done in the same spot, and is now considered a local tradition.

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Ángeles sobre motocicletas
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
Como todos los años desde 1985, motociclistas de Estados Unidos, Canadá y otros estados de México, hicieron felices a miles de niños tijuanenses de escasos recursos con su tradicional donación de regalos “Caravana de la felicidad”.

Democrats Risk Gains by Supporting Employer Sanctions
By David Bacon
Having used Latino and labor votes to recapture control of the U.S. Congress, some influential Democratic Party power brokers now seem intent on attacking the very base that produced their victory.

Poll: Iraq war is a bigger concern for Latinos than illegal immigration
By Isaac Garrido
WASHINGTON - The majority of the U.S. Hispanic population says the Iraq War, and not illegal immigration, is the most important problem the country faces, a new survey revealed.

City Heights Schools Gaining San Ysidro Superintendent
By Raymond R. Beltran
For a school board that was finally beginning to maintain a sense of stability, the San Ysidro School District is now losing highly respected Superintendent Tim Allen. In 2004, he welcomed the opportunity to replace his ousted predecessor, Jorge Parra, but this Monday announced that he’s leaving February 1 to be the new executive director at San Diego State University’s City Heights Educational Collaborative (CHEC).

To Tree or Not to Tree
Christmas tree or Hannukah bush
By Edie J. Adler
Growing up Jewish in Mexico City was never complicated. Like most parents, mine were extremely strict; I was expected to do well in school and do my chores at home. I was the youngest of seven, and by time I came into the picture my brothers and sisters were all grown up.


Mujeres luchando contra el VIH en la frontera
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
Mientras miles de tijuanenses aprovechaban la mañana del primero de diciembre, un día de asueto nacional, para cruzar a Estados Unidos y realizar sus compras navideñas, Noemí caminaba entre las filas de personas para repartiendo volantes.

México: Calderón Empezó Como se Esperaba
Por: Eduardo Stanley
El primero de diciembre asumió Felipe Calderón como presidente de México. Por televisión pudo verse a congresistas peleando por el control del podio donde debería tomar juramento Calderón—unos para impedirlo, otros para asegurar que se cumpliera ese requisito. Al final, Calderón y el presidente saliente, Vicente Fox, ambos del conservador Partido de Acción Nacional (PAN), entraron por la puerta de atrás y protagonizaron un juramento express: a las carreras y en medio de una gritería que impedía escuchar qué decían. Mal augurio.

Passports required for all U.S. travelers
By Hannah Guillaume
WASHINGTON - International travelers planning trips for next year have a new resource for learning whether and when they will need a passport.

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias
Uno menos
“A las 13.30 horas el paciente sufrió una inesperada y grave descompensación que obligó a su traslado en estado crítico a la Unidad de Cuidados Intensivos, donde se le aplicaron todas las medidas médicas de resucitación no lográndose la respuesta médica positiva falleciendo a las 14.15 horas”, precisó el informe.

Children With Limited English Proficiency Being Left Behind Again, Says New GEO Report
WASHINGTON, D.C. – After nearly five years of the enactment of the No Child Left Behind law, many states are still not receiving the funding they need in order to serve Limited English Proficiency students. According to a new report issued by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the Department of Education is using flawed data to distribute funds to states for the education of English language learners. Using the most accurate data for allocating funds is the Department of Education’s responsibility. The GAO report cites that four years after the approval of No Child Left Behind, the Department of Education has not developed a working methodology to determine which data is most accurate.

Congressional Hispanic Conference Announces Leadership for the 110th Congress
Luis Fortuño Elected as Chair, Mario Diaz-Balart is new Vice-Chair
WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Congressional Hispanic Conference announced today the results of its election of officers for the 110th Congress. Luis G. Fortuño, Resident Commissioner from Puerto Rico (R) was elected as Chair, and Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart was elected Vice-Chair.

La Conferencia Hispana del Congreso Anuncia Su Liderazgo Para el Nuevo Congreso
Luís Fortuño de Puerto Rico es el Nuevo Presidente y Mario Diaz-Balart el Nuevo Vicepresidente
WASHINGTON, D.C. -. La Conferencia Hispana del Congreso hoy anunció los resultados de la elección de su liderazgo para el Congreso 110avo. Luis G. Fortuño, Comisionado Residente de Puerto Rico, fue elegido como pre-sidente y Mario Diaz-Balart (FL) fue elegido como vice-presidente.

Mejoran la Calidad de Servicio Profesionalizando al Personal
Por: Paco Zavala
Cuando alguna empresa, agrupación, sindicato, asociación, organización o algún particular, su trabajo lo dedica a prestar algún servicio, cualquiera que sea, la atención al cliente o al visitante debe de estar vinculado a la mejoría en la prestación del servicio, atendiendo todo lo concerniente a sus actividades. De esta manera los visitantes o clientes por mutuo propio recomiendan a la institución, redituando esta recomendación de una manera indirecta en la disminución de costos de operación.

Sleepless in San Diego?
If visions of dancing sugarplums are keeping you awake nights, you’re not alone. According to the National Sleep Foundation some 40 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders that can affect their physical and mental health. Add the stress of the holidays and the lists of things you have to do, and you can count on at least a few sleepless nights during this otherwise joyous time of year. The big question is why.


Escondido’s Racist Law Dumped
Fittingly, the Escondido rental law was unceremoniously dumped this past week by the city council. The law was unconstitutional, unethical, and racist. It, like the triple fence along the border, was nothing more than a symbolic statement and that symbolism will cost the City of Escondido somewhere in the neighborhood of $200,000.

The Ball Is Rolling On The Impeachment Process
The one thing you can say about President Bush is that once he sinks his teeth into something he doesn’t let go! How else can you explain his dogged determination to keep up his war on Iraq. Despite the overwhelming rejection of the war by the voters and despite the bipartisan report by five Republicans and five Democrats recommending complete troop pullout by 2008, President Bush continues to seek ways to continue his war.

Let’s Start Fresh and Reinvigorated
By Romeo P. Marquez
It’s a major turning point in the history of the City of National City that a new mayor, Mr. Ron Morrison, has been elected, and two incumbents, Messrs. Louie Natividad and Frank Parra, won reelection as council members.

Death by Consensus
by Sheldon Richman
When John Kerry came back from fighting in Vietnam, he famously inquired, How do you ask a man to be the last to die for a mistake? Regarding the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group (ISG), a lot of people would like to know, How do you ask a man to be the last to die for a bipartisan compromise?

El Tema de Inmigración con mi Familia de Inmigrantes
Por Héctor M. Barajas
Secretario de Prensa del Partido Republicano de California
Cuando visité a mi familia en el Día de Acción de Gracias, gran parte de nuestra conversación en la cena se centró en el apoyo dramático que el gobernador Arnold Schwarzenegger recibió de la comunidad latina y el impacto que el nuevo Congreso demócrata electo tendrá en el tema de inmigración. Si la mayoría de mi familia cree que una reforma inmigratoria es posible, lo que me pareció más interesante fue que las opiniones sobre inmigración no eran necesariamente aquellas que expresan los grupos pro-inmigración.

A Divided Chile Contemplates Pinochet’s Passing
By Ryann Bresnahan
As millions around the world celebrated International Human Rights Day on December 10, the event was overshadowed throughout Chile as its citizens both mourned and celebrated the death of ex-dictator Augusto Pinochet, who ruled the South American country from 1974 to 1990. The street in front of La Moneda, the nation’s executive mansion, teemed with anti-Pinochet protestors who lashed out at the police as they tried to disperse the march with tear gas and water cannons. The late dictator’s supporters also took to the streets this past week outside the Santiago Military Hospital, where he had been recovering from a heart attack. Their own tears marked the loss of the brutal strongman, who may have brought economic stability to the country’s middle-class, but at the expense of the already harsh living standards endured by the poor.

La Inmigración Latinoamericana:
De La Necesidad Humana A La Amenaza

Por Manuel R Villacorta O.
Los fenómenos migratorios no tienen en nuestros días ese caracter episódico o coyuntural que pudieron existir en otros tiempos. Los inmigrantes hoy se marchan para huir de la violencia, de la pobreza, de la exclusión, las catástrofes naturales y especialmente, por razones económicas, en una tensa búsqueda de soluciones para salir de la miseria. Los polos de desarrollo mundial: Estados Unidos, Europa y la floreciente región Asia-Pacífico, atraerán cada vez más a  trabajadores foráneos. El fenómeno migratorio ya no puede ser soslayado, esta hoy por hoy, en el centro de la agenda internacional. El avance de la globalización y con éste, la profundización de la internacionalización de la economía, la política y la cultura, ha activado como nunca antes en la historia humana la práctica migratoria.

Chismes de mi Gallinero
Political Correctness and Christmas
By Julio C. Calderon
This is the time of year at the gallinero when the ladies are molting and egg production is at a stand-still or a trickle. This gives them time to gossip incessantly while growing new feathers. The big question is the debate over Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. It’s an argument that I got into while editing the California Youth Authority Newsletter a couple of years ago.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Dear Mexican: I’m a Spanish-language student struggling with tenses and the gender of nouns. The other day, some friends and I were discussing street slang and the word verga (penis) came up (no pun intended). It occurred to me that the definitive symbol of masculinity ends in the feminine -a. What’s up with that?

Media Entrepreneur Gino Cabanas says “Brown is the New Green” in the Entertainment Business
By Al Carlos Hernandez
If you haven’t heard the name Gino Cabanas, you will. He is an up and coming film, television, and music producer who just signed a $60 million deal.

Where Was the Maya Civilization in Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto?
By Gerardo Aldana
To my great disappointment (and this is tough since I had little hope for the movie to begin with) Mel Gibson has gone beyond depriving the Maya of voice in Apocalypto, one of the first (nominally) Maya representations to hit the big screen. Gibson has created a monstrosity of his own limited imagination, and then painted it with a “Maya” veneer.

Impartieron Curso de Guión Cinematográfico en la Universidad de Tijuana “Invitación para Escritores, videoastas, comunicólogos”
Por: Paco Zavala
Muchos son los jóvenes y personas que radican en Tijuana interesadas en adquirir conocimientos que consoliden sus conocimientos vinculados con la industria del cine. Esta población tijuanense con inquietudes de estudiante tuvo la oportunidad de participar de un Curso Intensivo de Guión Cinematográfico que impartió en la Universidad de Tijuana el cineasta español Benito Zambrano, ya conocido en la localidad por los resonantes éxitos obtenidos a través de su excelente trabajo. Zambrano, acaba de transmitir su película Habana Blues, con la que ha obtenido numerosos premios a nivel internacional.

Baum’s “Land of Oz” … Children’s fantasy or Political satire?
By E.A. Barrera
Lyman Frank Baum was born on May 15, 1856 in a time when America was still coming into it’s own and had yet to grow past the trauma of it’s birth. He lived through the Civil War, the expansion of the American West, the railroad, the electric light bulb, the motorcar, the motion picture, the airplane, and America’s entry into World War One. He saw the decency of the American spirit time and again tested by the ideals, reality and corruption of his day and he infused all of these observations into a series of children’s books that have continued to inspire generations of people through out the world long after his death on May 6, 1919.

¡ Tic Tac Tiempo !
The monthly Chicano Park Steering Committee meeting is this Sunday, December 17, at 3 p.m. under the kiosko in Chicano Park. This 36 year-old committee is a grassroots organization comprised of volunteers who work towards the development and expansion of Chicano Park and the park’s annual celebration. If you’re down for this historic piece of nuestra tierra, come see how you can play a role in its survival. Meetings are every last Sunday of the month.

Barons Hope to Regain Championship
By John Philip Wyllie
For well over 20 years, Bonita Vista High School completely dominated South Bay women’s soccer en route to winning a record 23 consecutive league championships. Even more surprising is the fact that they never lost a single league match through-out 22 of those years establishing in the process a California state record that has been unsurpassed in any sport, male or female.

Three Amigos Impress at La Quinta
By John Philip Wyllie
Bolstered by spotless performances from Cesar Sandoval (119) Hector Arambula (152), and Edward Bell (215), the Bonita Vista Barons Wrestling Team finished second in an 18-team pool last weekend at the La Quinta Desert Duels Wrestling Tournament. Former Mexican Olympic Wrestler and current Bonita High coach Gabe Ruz had high praise for his trio of outstanding Hispanic wrestlers and was also pleased by the performance of his team overall.

Undefeated Teenage Sensation Jorge Paez Jr., Gets New Opponent For Dec. 15 Bout
Sycuan Ringside Promotions’ undefeated teenage sensation Jorge Paez Jr. has a new opponent, veteran Rafael Urias, for his six-round, lightweight bout Friday, Dec. 15, in Mexicali, Mexico.

If it’s not snow or freezing rain, it’s bone-chilling air temperatures and icy winds that make a day on the water nearly insufferable. But just because you’re uncomfortable, it doesn’t mean that the bass are. Sure, it’s December, it’s cold outside and I’m sure you still have some holiday shopping to do, but bass are still in the lake. If they want to make it through the winter they will have to eat.

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