December 8, 2006

Que Paso Con Chicano Perk: Chicano Perk moved to National City a year or so ago and now is gone. National City homeboys just couldn’t bring themselves to paying $2 per cup of coffee. The Perk made a name for themselves in Sherman but just couldn’t recapture the same vide in OTNC.

Being chairman of the Assembly Insurance Committee all those years paid off for Juan Vargas who is now a vice-president in California for Safeco a Seattle-based insurance company. Guess all those constituents who complained that Vargas was a shill for the insurances companies can “so told you so”.

Westside Chula Vistans better be on their toes. New Mayor Cherly Cox said a lot the right things to make you feel good at her first city council meeting, but she also said so things that should worry the old timers. Read between the lines! You might want to take a look at who and how much money was donated to her campaign. For Crossroaders their old nemeses, Jim Pieri was a big contributor!

Hola Gente: did you miss the annual Dia de la Virgin Guadalupe Parade this year? Don’t worry you are not the only one by all the emails this tezzy has received over the last week. Los Guadalupanos jumped the gun and had the Parade last Sunday, okay a little early but why did they have move the parade to Mission Valley? What’s up with that. Always held in downtown San Diego, the parade traveled from City College to the convention center where la gente could come out and line the streets to view the parade. In Mission Valley there are no sidewalks along the streets. Just another example of la gente getting pushed out.

Guess the new mayor didn’t want to see all those Hispanics near city hall!!

Hey it is not too late to help LULAC with their annual Christmas Food Basket Program. This is one of the great programs going on in the South Bay, if you can lend a hand and volunteer or a couple of dollars to help buy food stuff. Call Bea Estrada at 619-423-5014 or 992-0878 and help a family have a just little bit better Christmas.

Speaking of helping out, Xavier the X-man is having a toy drive in Chula Vista on Sunday the 17th The X-Man’s Annual LOWRIDER Toy Drive at LUZITA’S TACO SHOP Join The X-Man for this annual gathering of the coolest rides in San Diego & TJ.  Lowriders, Classics, Hot Rods, Oldies, Bikes and anything else that looks super cool to cruise in.  Come on a bring ‘em! Get there early because we have FREE MENUDO while supplies last. Entry: A NEW UNWRAPPED TOY! Time: 9am - 12pm. Location: 60 E. J Street Chula Vista, CA 91910.

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