August 18, 2006

A popular figure in National City has decided to put down her curling iron and run for public office — Barbara Avalos. Avalos is a long time Beautician in National City. She has decided she is School Board material and has decided to run for the National School Board. This decision has us scratching our head. Avalos is known more for being a Socialite! We have to wonder where this new found interest in school issues comes from. We wonder when was the last time she even attended a school board meeting. We have a nagging suspicion that somehow the Inzunzas have something to do with her decision.


The Onion (the Union-Tribune) finds its self in a pickle. On the one hand they keep calling out City Attorney Mike Aguirre as an obstructionist and for being involved. On the other hand, they have the Kroll report which lays much of the blame at the feet of former City Attorney Casey Gwinn for not being involved and sounding the warning bells. Pos, just maybe, the powers that be, are still trying to figure out how to control Aguirre!


Councilmember’s of the City of Escondido wants to fine hotel owners for renting to people without papers. Sounds to me like these Councilmembers don’t want to serve another term. Besides the farm workers, who else will rent these flea bags? Chale con este clamor! Growers and farmers that are responsible for these “so call” illegals being here in the first place, not going to be too happy! City Council better come up with a fast plan on how to get the crops in! You just might see the “Big” Farmers and Growers launch a major RECALL of these nitwits that don’t seem to know just who is bringing in all those so call “illegal Aliens” to work (cheap!). You can’t really believe that Mexican workers just love to be slave laborers?


A federal judge ruled Thursday that the Government’s Warrant-less wire tapping program is unconstitutional and ordered an immediate halt to it! U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor in Detroit became the first judge to strike down the National Security Agency’s program, which she says violates the rights to free speech and privacy as well as the separation of powers enshrined in the Constitution. Kudos to Judge Diggs. We hate to think what the President, and his extremist Republican Party members would do if it weren’t for that pesky Constitution?????


Chula Vista Mayor Steve Padilla, you just don’t want a second term as Mayor, do you? You just keep getting embarrassed by your naïve actions or by those carried out working for you. Even those that were prone to support you are having second thoughts!

Pregunta: El Jefito has at various times in the past questioned why the City Budget always allocates hundreds of thousand of dollars for the yearly operations of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce. Why should an organization whose members are the richest, most affluent receive TAX money to support what is essentially a Rich Mans organization? We have real needs in this City and the City does not meet these needs. Check out the yearly City Budgets and you will see hundreds of thousands of dollars being allocated to the San Diego Chamber of Commerce. La Prensa has brought this matter up to every Republican led administration… Guess we are not as large as the San Diego Union. OOPS! How come the Union doesn’t launch and investigation on this?

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