August 11, 2006


Democratic Message Starting to Come Through Loud and Clear

For years now the Democratic Party and its leadership have struggled to come out with a message that resonated with the people of its own party and with the voters. In the last Presidential election this lack of a coherent message, more than anything else, torpedoed John Kerry’s election bid.

The Democratic leadership has, since the election, continued in their struggle to find the right message as best exemplified by New York State Senator Hillary Clinton as she tries to mold herself into Presidential timber for the Party. Clinton for the most part has been pandering to the moderate/conservative voter in her tacit support of the Iraq war, waffling on a call for the end of the war. Clinton has found this position on the Iraq war a difficult sell at best, receiving boos from the Democratic faithful at recent conventions.

But with the defeat of Sen. Joe Lieberman in the Connecticut primary election this week to a political novice, Ned Lamont, a clearer message from the Democratic voters could not have been sent – They want their Party to stand up to President Bush and his war in Iraq!

This Primary election at first was considered a slam dunk for Lieberman. Lieberman had name recognition, money, and the party/insider support. But Lieberman had also been the strongest supporter, amongst elected Democrats, of President Bush and the war on Iraq. In essence he was Republican light, Democrat in name but often supporting the Republican agenda. Not only did Lieberman support the war on Iraq, but he was also the first Democrat to come out against President Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal and backed the Republicans in the Terri Schiavo case regarding the removal of her feeding tube, as examples of his Republican leanings. These issues and many more were not forgotten by the Democratic Connecticut voters.

Connecticut is not exactly home to wild-eyed left leaning Democrats. A centrist’s politician normally would be a good fit for Connecticut, but these are not normal times. The message sent by the Democratic voters is that the President’s policy on Iraq is wrong and they want the US out of Iraq! Ned Lamont ran on this one issue and that was what propelled him from neophyte to defeating one of the most well know politicians in the country.

The message coming out of Connecticut is loud and clear for the Democratic Party. The Party has a clear message that resonates with the voters.

If the Democratic Party can rally around this message then the Party would be on track to deliver their campaign for “A New Direction For Amercia”. Now if only they can find their message for the Hispanic voters of America.

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