August 11, 2006


$20 Million Just Doesn’t Buy Much Anymore!

After 18 months, with the city being held hostage to the tune of $20.3 million dollars, the Kroll Report was finally released this week and after all the anticipation, the report did not really tell us anything new. Much of what was in this report had already been released in City Attorney Mike Aguirre’s “interim reports,” on the pension debacle.

Judging from the tenure of the report, statements of the team leader Arthur Levitt, and the reactions of Mayor Sanders and the City Council it appears they are willing to forgive and forget past wrong doings, readily passing the buck to city staff, and promosing to move ahead to fix the problem.

That is just not good enough, most of this City Council was implicated in this report where it stated that there was “not mere negligence but deliberate disregard for the law, disregard for fiduciary responsibility, and disregard for the financial welfare of the city’s residents.” The residents of San Diego have to had to suffer the mismanagement by our city government, being overcharged for sewer and water services, lose pension funds, and invariably will have to pay higher taxes for this mess. The residents should be mad as hell! They want accountability for these actions and this report goes out of its way to not assign accountability when it comes to politicians.

If there was a time and a place to recall a politican that time is now. City Council members Toni Atkins, Jim Madaffer, Brian Maienschein and Scott Peters were implicated in this report and they must be held accountable. How can the residents of this city put their trust into this group to fix a mess that they created? It is time for new leadership, people with credibility to step in and fix this mess.

It is now left up to the FBI and Securities and Exchange Commission to complete their investigation and see who they point their fingers at.

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