August 11, 2006

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood

Jorge Gutierrez Did Everything, But Triumph

Matador Jorge Gutierrez demonstrated to Tijuana bullfight fans, last Sunday, why he is considered one of the most pure, honest toreros in Mexican bullfight history. He turned in two remarkable performances, but bad luck at the supreme moment denied him greater rewards.

In so doing, Gutierrez turned in two remarkable performances, but bad luck at the supreme moment denied him greater rewards.

Gutierrez alternated with Omar Villaseñor and Ishmael Rodriguez, facing a herd of bulls from Don Fernando de La Mora.

Correspondent Gary Sloan reviewed the action.

With his first bull, “Centauro,” Gutierrez was limited to technical details with the

cape, but he did cap things with a great media veronica. The bull proved brave against the horses.

Jorge’s third act was grand, especially on the left side. His naturals were slow and deeply artistic, putting the crowd into an uproar. However, seven entries with the sword resulted in a warning aviso, and his good work had been for naught. He was applauded.

It was nearly the same story with his second bull, “Queretano” (510 kilos). He showed little with the cape, but turned it on, in grand style, with the muleta, turning in a fine faena. He missed the first sword, then placed a full one, and was awarded one ear, with strong petition for the second.

With his first animal, “Huasteco” (470 kilos) Omar Villaseñor offered some weak opening cape work. However, following the pic’ing, he performed a fine set of gaoneras, in the center of the ring.

His faena was scary, with Omar seemingly oblivious to the bull’s terrains. He attempted a series that was totally out of the technical terrains, and suffered a strong tossing that, luckily, resulted in no injury. Nevertheless, it was his own fault. Three at

tempts with the sword ended things, and the crowd could breathe, again. Applause.

Omar again offered some very ugly cape work to his second bull, “Cachanilla” (465 kilos). His faena was far from professional or artistic. It was a hodgepodge of passes that were accomplished without any apparent plan. Still, he thrilled the crowd.

His sword placement was low, but effective. Plaza Judge Luis Carroso responded to the crowd petition, by granting one ear, but justifiably ignored the demand for a second appendage.

With his first bull, “Leones” (475 kilos), Ishmael Rodriguez did nothing with the cape and next to nothing with the muleta. After finishing things with two sword entries, he was politely applauded.

Ishmael Rodriguez facing off aginst a bull from a herd of Don Fernando de La Mora.

But, it was a different story with his second toro, “Tijuanense” (480 kilos). He opened with great capote work, followed by a terrific faena that was highlighted by great temple and mando. He dropped the bull with one sword and was awarded an ear.

All things considered, it wasn’t a bad afternoon. The next corrida will be Aug. 20, but the card hadn’t been announced, at press time.

And, here’s a note of interest to aficionados who drive their cars into Tijuana. The exit is usually a pain in the cómo se llama. Last Sunday, we bypassed the San Ysidro exit, for the previous week’s wait of more than three hours which was another pain, in the same place. We opted, instead, for the crossing at Otay Mesa, which was just as crowded, so we drove another hour and crossed at Tecate.

The bottom line is strong advice to leave your cars on the USA side, walk across the border, and take the bus, or hail a cab. You’ll thank Bullfight World for the advice.

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