August 4, 2006

De Suecia, come mensajes de personas that just can’t do without their weekly TEZOZOMOC CHISME! Pues Julio Martinez de (de Suecia), Tezzy hasn’t forgotten all his cuates, not only from the barrios del USA, pero también, we especially have you in our hearts and minds when you are so distanced from your Gente!! Glad you are still drawing your Chicano “Alma y Sentimientos” de La Prensa San Diego. We try to keep up our special ALMA de La Prensa and hope we (the hard working staff of La Prensa) will be able to maintain el espírito de mi gente, no matter where you are at. Suecia is a long way off but where there are two RAZA... I know that their will be our special sentimiento in the wind and it will be source of strength to you, when you find yourself isolated and lonely! El Indio TEZZY never forgets his GENTE no matter where they may be at!

Bad news de Cuba: The Government of Cuba announced that Fidel Castro, who has ruled Cuba since the 1959 revolution that toppled the Government of the Dictator Fulgencio Baptista, had survived intestinal surgery. The statement suggested that “his condition was stable.” It will take several more days before the extent of the seriousness of the operation will be well known. Castro has temporarily handed over “el Poder” to his brother Raul Castro, who has been the Defense Minister for decades. Thus far the country is stable. The United States Government is being very attentive to the situation. Change in Cuba always seems to involve the United States, either being blamed for being ‘La razón for the problem or being responsible, in some way, for the outcome! When Cuba “cambia” it seems to involve the USA either as being the cause for the change or the means to bring about “El Cambio”! This time, mis amigos, it looks like Fidel means to have the last word!

Bad News for the Republican Party…The NDN’s Hispanic Strategy Center has completed a national poll of Spanish –language dominant Hispanic voters. The results of the poll indicates that support for President Bush and Republicans, in general has “dramatically declined”! The Poll has also shown that the impact of the Immigration issue and the vilification of Hispanics and Mexicans, by Radio Talk Show Hosts and the extreme Right Wing, in particular, has offended most Hispanics and Mexican Americans and increased their participation in the Nations political affairs. Key Findings: Hispanics are disappointed with President George Bush and unhappy with Republican Government! Sixty One percent of the Survey group views the President unfavorably! 69% are against the war! 48% want the U.S. to leave Iraq immediately! On the issue of greatest concern to the Hispanic community, “Immigration Reform”… Only 15% of the Hispanic Voters, as a whole; indicate the immigration issues will make them more likely to vote for Republican candidates. Of the 20 major issues tested.Democrates outperformed on 17 including “Family values”! (The Poll may be accessed on

From the President’s own lips: “Every nation must defend herself against terrorist attacks and the killing of innocent life.” The gun toting U.S. terrorists playing cops and robbers on the U.S. Mexican borders certainly gave sufficient cause for the Mexican Army and their Border police to defend themselves. These self appointed terrorists present not only a threat to U.S. citizens but they run the risk of starting a Border War!

Rep. Duncan Hunter, Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee seems to have a short memory or has chosen to ignore his family’s participation in making a major Oil producer out of Venezuela! Take a short trip to the Gulf of Maracaibo in the country of Venezuela. Right in the middle of the city is a large statue dedicated to Congressman Hunter’s grandfather in honor of his discovering oil in the Golfo de Venezuela. All those oil wells are busily shipping oil to all of Americas enemies! El Presidente of Venezuela must love the Hunter family!

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