August 4, 2006


San Diego Politicians Apparently Not Thinking About Their Economic Responsibilities

Summer Heat is having an impact on San Diego politicians at all levels. It seems that just a few weeks ago, all or mostly all of our Mayors, Councilmen/Women and Supervisors had one concern, “How to pay their respective community’s bills.” Seems that they all have arrived at a major conclusion, that their Cities and Municipalities were on the verge of bankruptcy. The common lament as the elected officials saw it: Money was short! Water pipes were leaking, streets were in terrible disrepair, drainage pipes for the disposal of sewage were just not functioning, the beaches were constantly polluted, the price of buying a new home was out of sight, salaries were low for the working class, they couldn’t afford to pay the rent, not even for run down shacks. Buying groceries or shopping at the mall was quickly turning into trips of impossibilities. The politicians lamented that there wasn’t sufficient city, municipal, or agency funding to pay the employees that they felt were needed. Fear is becoming commonplace.

The citizens would have none of this attitude of fear. Why, we are living in San Diego County where there is nothing to fear. What other County in the State could survive the immense debt that the City of San Diego has? However, the sense of foreboding began to be pervasive. It could be felt in the air, the wind and the lack of rain and the unmistakable aura of fear. It is now beginning to be palatable…How could San Diego let the CHARGERS leave? How could the citizens take the awesome quietness at CHARGER STADIUM? That was it! What was needed to change the feeling of fear and neglect was an awesome statement that the CHARGERS WERE NOT LEAVING!

That’s all it took, the clouds lifted, the sun was shining again, and the people smiled once again! All is well once again in NEVER NEVER LAND! Why, the politicos even found a stash of pesos some where and gave themselves a raise!!!! All is well again!

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