April 28, 2006

Yesterday We Marched, Today We Act, Tomorrow We Vote

Today is an historic day in San Diego, the state of California and throughout thousands of small and large communities in our nation. It is a Day of Action where we openly declare and call for the passage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform by the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

We believe it is imperative that all people of good faith who value family, workers rights and quality education should come together today to celebrate the economic social and cultural contributions of hard working immigrants in America.

We support the education principles outlined below which in part call for the direct involvement of schools in educating the parents, students and teachers about the immigrant issues facing our nation.


The celebration of immigrants should start in the home with parents by:

• Showing leadership in teaching their children the value and history of immigrants in this country;

• Be informed about the various issues surrounding the present immigration discussion by reaching out to organizations and coalitions engaged in advocating for immigration reform;

• Encourage your children to ask and learn in school about immigration issues that affect their families and friends in their community;

• Involve your family and other parents in community programs and civic presentations on immigration reform. You have a constitutional right to express your opinion.

• Present a verbal or written request to your school principal encouraging and advising him/her that it is important to have learning opportunities on the issues of immigration during the school day prior to or on May 1 Day of Action;

• Encourage your children and other parents to participate in peaceful nonviolent community events whose focus is immigration reform.

Principals and Teachers

The importance and significance of May 1 Day of Action is immense and will become a memorable teaching event in the history of public education in our nation. The San Diego Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform calls on all teachers and administrative educational leaders to apply all teaching tools surrounding the immigration issue as a learning opportunity in their schools. They can do this by:

• Seek out immigrant information at the website: http://www.justiceforimmigrants.com and other similar web sites.

• Review and adapt as necessary the “special curriculum for May 1” developed by the Los Angeles Archdiocese for students, parents and school personnel in their schools. The lesson plans in Social Science, Math and Language Arts can be modified and used as models for public schools in San Diego County. Copies of the plans are available for review. The web site is www.the civicscenter.com/immigration/

• Encourage all students to take positive steps towards just and humane immigration reforms;

• Invite students from various immigrant groups to share their cultural backgrounds with other students, increasing awareness and appreciation for peoples from different backgrounds;

• Encourage your students, parents and educators to learn about and participate in after school peaceful nonviolent community events whose focus is immigration reform;

• Help make May 1 a creative and exciting day of learning and participation for all of your students.


We courage all students to see May 1 Day of Action as a special day for personal involvement and learning about immigration issues, civil rights, taking action and participation in the American democratic process. Be proactive by:

• Make May 1 Day of Action one of the most exciting and informative learning day of your life.

• Go to the “Justice for Immigrants” website http://www.justiceforimmigrants.com and view many of the informative materials that will be most helpful in your classroom discussions;

• Participate in class or open discussions and learning opportunities provided at your school;

• Be a leader, share, learn and respect the views of others regarding immigration reforms issues;

• Write letters on May 1 to U.S. Senators and Representatives urging them to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation that is just, humane and workable;

• Take advantage of learning opportunities by participating in after school peaceful nonviolent community events whose focus is immigration reform

Most important of all, LEARN all you can about immigration reform and its impact on you, your family and community. Enjoy this Day of Action and PLEASE BE CAREFUL.

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