April 28, 2006

Just an american girl

Mandy Moore works a wholesome image in her 22 springs

By Daniel Jose Bort

America loves her. That’s the only way to describe the unusual fascination the audience has with Mandy Moore. She’s no match to Britney or Christina, not as popular as Hillary or Jessica. However, she seems to easily slip by any category and establishes herself as one of the real promises in the singing and acting world.

“I never said I was going to retire anytime soon. I said that when everything will be said and done, I would just go back to my family and my town. But that’s not going to happen anytime soon, since I am just 22 and I am starting with my career right now,” said Mandy, in response to some rumors that she will retire pretty soon.

No talk of retirement, since the girl has at least eight movies in the pipeline and a new solo CD about to come out. And that’s Mandy’s strength, her capacity to combine her music career with solid acting work. Not even Lindsay Lohan has been able to combine them as well, knowing that Miss Lohan has proven to be an excellent actress.

“Well, I’ve been around for sometime now. I just turned 22 (this April 10th) and I always thought that life will stop at 21, so I feel excited and terrified at the same time about it. I feel old, but I am also approaching it with a sense of myself that I didn’t have before. I like it,” said Mandy.

She’s the quintessential American Girl. She was born in New Hampshire but was brought to hotter Florida when she was just six weeks old. Mandy started her recording career at 15 when she was chosen to tour the country with then the hottest group the backstreet boys. Later on she got a bit part in “the princess diaries” that catapulted her to stardom, and in less than six months she was considered “queen of January” with her movies hitting number 1 during that slow sales month.

“Things happened pretty soon. I couldn’t stop thinking all the things that happened to me so fast. But I don’t have regrets, I couldn’t have asked for anything better than where I am right now,” said the actress.

Dreaming American

After a string of protagonist roles Mandy found herself playing second fiddle to professionals as big as Hugh Grant and Dennis Quaid. The new movie American Dreamz is on theaters right now, and Mandy plays a little girl that was chosen by a TV talent show to compete for the title of pop idol. Yeah, the reference is unavoidable, the film parodies #1 show on TV American Idol.

“I am going to be honest about it. I Tivo it, and I watch it all the time. I am a fan of the show. And believe me, I have to give credit to the kids that are able to surmount that overwhelming pressure and venture on the show. They deserve all the credit they get and I don’t have a problem with that”, said Mandy, asked whether if going on a show on this type will represent a shortcut to success.

In the film Mandy plays Sally Kendoo, a girl that’s capable of bending any moral rule to win the contest, even if that means going back with her ex-boyfriend (to whom she’s not interested anymore) just because of the good publicity of him returning from the war in Iraq. “Sally is pretty far for who I am. Besides the fact that both of us like to sing, I can’t think of anyone that could be farther from me than her. I don’t even know anyone like Sally”, responded Mandy about her character’s treacherous traits.

Her new challenge

But now, Moore will have the opportunity to enter a whole different league of popularity, a bit away from the malls that made her famous and more around the yachts dozing off around the French Riviera. Her new Film “Southland tales” was chosen for the competitive section of the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, considered the most important film festival in the world.

“That’s a movie that I feel really proud about,” secured Mandy, who shares credit with The Rock and Sarah Michelle Gellar in that production.

Very little is known for certainty about her romantic life, but the tabloids can’t help but feed the audience with several of her romances. Past flames included That 70’s show’s actor Wilmer Valderrama (who recently appeared in the Howard Stern show unscrupulously bragging about being responsible for taking away the actress’ virginity, which Moore denied), and Tennis Star Andy Roddick. She got the chance to brag about it in the Sharon Osbourne show, personal friend’s with Mandy and where she appeared several times.

Her current flame, Zach Braff, will direct her in the upcoming film “open hearts”, which is set to be released in 2007.

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