April 21, 2006


The Truth? Bush?

By Ernie McCray

What’s with all the talk about George W. Bush needing to tell the truth about the leaking of classified intelligence regarding the Iraq War?

I mean how can we expect the truth from Bush? Haven’t we figured out by now that this man wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him on the tush? He has absolutely no skills in truth telling that he’s shown us.

Just think: When has Bush ever told us anything that his actions haven’t exposed as a lie? Hey, he has just got to be the embodiment of “liar, liar, pants on fire.”

Now he came to us posing as an “honest” and “simple” man but don’t we know how he became such a rich businessman? Have we never read the well documented stories about all the people that have lost millions after shaking this slickster’s hand; all the business deals he bailed out of like a rock star waking up and finding himself in Lawrence Welk’s band; his shenanigans when he owned the Texas Rangers, like getting the taxpayers to fund his plans and condemning property so he could build a stadium on the people’s land? What degree of lying in all this don’t we understand?

Bush claims to be a compassionate Christian yet people were executed in the state of Texas, on his watch, at unbelievably high rates. And there’s a story about an appeal regarding bad lawyering, for Christ’s sake, wherein it was concluded that in Texas during trial proceedings “the Constitution does not say that the lawyer has to be awake.” What compassionate Christian would sit back and tolerate such injustice anywhere, let alone in his home state?

What compassionate Christian would, as Bush has all along, turn his back to people living in poverty? Were we really as surprised as we appeared to be at how he handled the devastation in Katrina’s wake so lackadaisically? What has he done about the problems concerning social security other than pussy foot around the issue hoping that our interest in the subject will die silently? The man blatantly lives a lie for all the world to see.

And as to Bush being a “president for all Americans” how many of us beyond the richest of us have received a break at tax time? How come he sees no reason to classify crimes of violence against gays as hate crimes?

Bush says he cares about the environment but who can name a square inch of nature that has been protected on his dime? How many steps has he taken to assist in efforts regarding the global warming that is so negatively affecting the world’s clime?

And we must never forget Bush’s biggest lies. First he told us that our children were fighting and risking their lives because of WMD’s and then it was to establish a democracy and now it’s some hocus pocus about engaging our enemies on “their territory,” about maintaining stability - like, I guess, the way he engaged the enemy on “their territory” when he was in the Texas Air National Guard for a moment or two.

And now, out of the blue, we expect Bush to take a break from ”making the world safe” and tell us the truth? Nah, again when it comes to him, it’s no-can-do. Besides, how, after all his lies, could we know or trust that something he says would be true? The only thing we, the people, should expect from him is for him to resign or face impeachment and a legislative vote telling him that his days as our lying president are through. That’s something, if the truth be told, that our elected representatives have been taking much too long to do.

Ernie McCray is a retired educator

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