April 14, 2006

“¡Qué bonitos se ven!”

By José A. Álvarez

Angelina Cervantes, Felix Herrera, and Rosa Maria Navarro, Tecate. “Four of my children live in the United States and are undocumented. That’s why I came here to support all these people,” said Angelina.

Some people wanted their voices heard a different way; they registered to vote.

Following the example of cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, and Boston, more than 50,000 people—organizers place the figure at 100,000—took to the streets of San Diego to demand “dignity and respect” and protest House Resolution 4437, which would turn into felons all the immigrants residing in this country illegally and would also make it a crime to assist them. They began gathering at Balboa Park since early in the morning and by the time the march began at 2:00 p.m., they numbered in the tens of thousands. They came armed with American flags and those of their native countries. They came from all over and wore white as a sign of peace. They came with friends, their parents, their children and together, they marched.

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