April 7, 2006

With all the protesting going on, have you noticed, left out of the loop, El Centro Cultural de la Raza! Once the focal point for community activism, it has been reduced to being a disconnected observer. Pos como dicen, once you reach middle age you no longer matter!

Though there are unos viejitos que no se dejan!

This past week, National City Mayor Nick Inzunza asked the City Council to take a position in opposition to the Immigration bill. Pos dónde estaban when the National City Police were calling in the Migra to JC Penny and having Mexican shoppers deported! Horale, Nicky...

You can’t have it both ways ! You’re either with La Gente or you’re with La Migra!

The Chicano movement has been dormant the past decade, but you get half a million people marching and students uprising, all the old Vatos and Veteranos get the old blood pumping and they just can’t stay home away from the PEDO! Hope they don’t break any of those old bones !

To be a leader, you have to be out front from day-one to lead, you can’t come on board afterwards and say you are a leader! Pero, you can be part of the Army and help the new leadership!

Remember, the good old days, when our Governor Schwarzenegger was praising the Minutemen and calling for the closing of the border! Pos, now he is singing a different tune! Now he wants to discuss and debate the issue; suddenly he is recognizing the value of the Border and the Immigrants. Must be an election year!

Republicans are pulling out all the stops in an effort to slow down the Francine Busby (Democrat) juggernaut in the 50th! If they lose this seat... Busby is miles in front of the Republican contenders according to the polls and may get the 50% +1 vote to defeat all the Republican Carpet Beggars who are trying to replace the Frito Bandido, El Dukee Cunningham. It will be a very bad omen for the Right wing Republicans. They have no face to save any more! They all have been OUTED.

Gone unnoticed this month, but the Minutemen are QUICKLY TURNING INTO THE NOBODIES. There guns have no bullets! As we have said in the past, if the Raza just ignores them they will fade away! There are no protests/confrontations with the minutemen at the border hence no news and they are a non-factor.

To all the Estudiantes that risked their education to stand up for JUSTICE, por los Inmigrantes, you made Tezzy PROUD OF YOU! Your support sent a strong message… Our Heritage and history in Las Americas predate the Pilgrims by over 300 years! The problem with the Gringos is they don’t read the history of the Americas!

Pos, hasta la otra... Chao...TEZZY

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