December 30, 2009

A huge Rosca for Tijuana’s unity

By La Prensa San Diego

By Pablo Jaime Sáinz

Organizers of an event where they will try to bake the biggest Rosca de Reyes (Three Wise Men cake) in the region, want the Three Wise Men to bring a very special gift to the City of Tijuana: Peace and tranquility.

Administrators and bakers from Pastelería El Molino are teaming up with Centro Cultural Tijuana to create a huge 300 meter/984 feet long rosca on Wednesday, January 6, at 4 p.m., in the explanada del Cecut, an event that will try to be a contrast to the violence that has plagued the city in recent years.

“The purpose of the event is to call attention to something positive,” said Jose Antonio Zaragoza, institutional sales representative for Pastelería El Molino. “In Tijuana we’re going through a security crisis and we only hear about the bad news. With this rosca, we want to pull attention towards positive things.”

Another goal of the gigantic Rosca de Reyes is that the new generations learn about Mexican traditions, Zaragoza said.

“We want to save this very important tradition, which is very Mexican,” he said.

This is the second year in which El Molino creates this huge rosca in the explanada del Cecut; the first time was back in 1996.

On January 6, Mexico celebrates Three Wise Men Day, commemorating the night in which the wise men gave gifts to the new-born baby Jesus.

Before going to bed, children leave their old shoes under the bed or in the living room, where the Three Wise Men will leave them gifts.

The traditional Rosca de Reyes is an oval-shaped fruit cake.

To bake the 300 meter-long rosca, El Molino will use many ingredients, Zaragoza said.

It will include, 600 kilos of dough, 50 kilos of sugar, 100 kilos of eggs, 300 kilos of flour, 100 kilos of mixed fruits.

In total, some 150 will participate in preparing the rosca, from technicians that will create the platform where it will be served to 20 bakers.

Some 6,000 people are expected to attend the event, where the rosca will be distributed for free.

“It’s about creating a good vibe in Tijuana,” said Zaragoza, who added that in 2011 they will try to impose a new Guinness record in rosca de Reyes.

Meanwhile, the Pastelería El Molino and Cecut’s rosca is the biggest rosca in our border región.

“We have more good people than bad people in Tijuana,” Zaragoza said. “This rosca represents the unity in our community, the unity of Tijuanenses against all the negative. United, we can make it.”

If you would like to buy a smaller Rosca de Reyes to celebrate with your family at home this January 6, Pastelería El Molino has a large selection available. El Molino is located at Avenida Quintana Roo 605, zona Centro, in Tijuana. The phone number is (664) 684-9040.

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